Effective Ways to Open Locked Room Doors

Effective Ways to Open Locked Room Doors

Effective Ways to Open a Locked Room Doors – Maybe you’ve been in precarious situations, such as finding a locked room door key when trying to open it.

Of course, a situation like this will be quite difficult for you, especially if you are in a hurry.

Before you decide to break down the door, it’s good if you know some better ways to open your door.

So, here are some effective ways to open a locked room door so that it opens immediately.

Effective Ways to Open Locked Room Doors

No matter how good the brand and installation of the handle for the room key you have, sometimes the key can jam too.

There are various reasons for this, such as old room door locks, foreign objects or dirt getting into the house keys, weak or damaged springs/lock mechanical springs, and broken bolts and door lock holders.

When the door is jammed, the quickest and easiest way is to call a doorman or carpenter for repair.

The thing is, stuck locks can happen at any unexpected time. So that you don’t rush into panic and make a decision to break it down, follow the effective way to open it below!

Effective Ways to Open Locked Room Doors

1. Unlock the door using the L key

The first way you can do to open a locked room door is to use the L key.

As we know, this L key can open various locked objects. Not even with a locked door.

However, what needs to be known next is that first make sure the door that will be opened with the L key is a door with the right criteria.

The criteria for the right door is a door that has a handle with a small round hole in the middle. This type of door can then be temporarily opened using the L key.

2. Using a paperclip

Effective Ways to Open Locked Room Doors

Interior bedroom doors usually stay locked, but are not strictly impassable.

The unlocked side of the door generally has a small hole, probably located at the front of the knob.

Inside is a small button that needs to be pressed to unlock the door. You also only need a tool that is straight and stiff to open the lock.

If you don’t have a small screwdriver, maybe you can use a paperclip to open it.

In some cases, the locked door requires you to open it by inserting a tool and twisting.

However, in a pinch you might be able to use just the end of a paperclip.

3. Using knock lock

Effective Ways to Open Locked Room Doors

The effective way to open the next room door is that you can open a locked room door by using a knock key. Where the key knock itself is known to be sufficiently proven to open a locked door.

However, opening a locked door using this knock lock technique certainly requires prior knowledge and experience.

For those of you who are still new to it, maybe you will find it quite difficult to apply this method. For that, it’s better if you learn this knock lock technique first.

Apart from that, make sure that you do this technique when conditions are really urgent. Because not all door characteristics are suitable for being forced open using a knock lock.

If the condition of the door doesn’t match, but you still force it, it’s possible that your bedroom door can experience even worse damage.

For that, readjust the use of this knock lock with the model of your bedroom door!

4. Hit and spin at the same time

Various reasons were then revealed why a door can be locked. As explained above, the reasons are varied. But there is one reason that is often forgotten or even not realized.

The reason is because the key used is of poor quality.

So that if the key is used several times to open a locked door, it will still be difficult to open it.

Well, an emergency way that you can apply when you’re trapped in a room where the door is locked is to hit and turn the doorknob simultaneously.

Where this step must be ensured simultaneously.

Because if it is not done simultaneously then the possibility of success is very small.

So, you also have to make sure about the accuracy in doing these two things at the same time.

5. Using a key breaking tool

This effective way to open a room door is generally the most frequently used by house thieves. Because, a home breaker tool is very easy to make yourself.

The tool must have two important parts in it, namely as a pick and lever.

For levers it is usually made in the shape of the letter L which is used as a pressure exerter at the bottom of the key.

Meanwhile, the scribe is made with shorter legs and resembles the letter r. The function of this scribe is to press the pin in the keyhole so it can be turned.

The way to open the door with this tool is to first insert the lever into the base of the lock. Then also insert the scribe at the top of the lever.

Then, use the bottom end of a scribe to find and push the pin hole up and out of the lock housing. If all the pins have been successfully moved, then the lock will open by itself.

6. Using a credit card for the old model door

The effective way to open the door to this one room is indeed the simplest way among the other ways. Only by relying on a credit card or the like, the door can be opened.

However, this method is only for older models. If the door is modern, this trick is not effective because there are already certain safety devices embedded in it.

You can also do this method yourself when you leave the key in the house.

The trick is to slip a credit card between the jamb and the part that locks the door. The credit card is placed just above the position of the key entering the jamb.

Then, point the card down and position it behind the lock slot. Then the card is pulled outwards while turning the doorknob. If successful, usually the door will open immediately.

7. Remove the door knob using a screwdriver

An effective way to open the next locked room door is to use a screwdriver.

This method is used to remove the knob on the door. In addition, using a screwdriver will also make it easier for you if done properly and correctly.

For the screwdriver used, you should choose a flathead screwdriver. Especially in opening the screw knobs on the door handles.

8. Pulling bolts using wire

The effective way to open the last bedroom door. For the type of lock that uses a latchbolt, you can use a wire hanger that is attached. The method is actually quite easy to do.

First, you need to bend this wire hanger into a hook and have a long enough handle. Then, insert the hook into a gap between the jamb and the edge of the door.

Once the wire hanger is in position, hold it with one hand and the doorknob with the other hand. Turn towards the knob if it is unlocked.

Then, pull the hanger towards your position. When pulling the latch make sure the knob must turn, that way the door will open.


Those are at least 8 Effective Ways to Open Locked Room Doors that can summarize. Remember, this method is only used for urgent or emergency situations, OK! It is not permissible to practice this method for purposes that harm other people and are against the law.

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