Diamonds and Precious Stones

“Diamonds and Precious Stones” is a fascinating book that delves into the world of gemstones, their history, properties, and cultural significance. Authored by Harry Emanuel, the book serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the allure and mystique of these valuable gems. While the book primarily focuses on a wide range of gemstones, it also provides valuable insights into the world of jewelry, including the iconic sapphire engagement ring.

The sapphire engagement ring is a timeless and classic choice that has captured the hearts of many throughout history. In “Diamonds and Precious Stones,” the book offers a detailed look at sapphires and their role in the realm of fine jewelry. Sapphires, with their rich blue hues, have been cherished for centuries for their beauty and symbolism.

Sapphires have long been associated with qualities such as wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. The deep blue color of sapphires is often linked to the heavens and has been revered in various cultures as a symbol of truth and divine favor. In the context of an engagement ring, the sapphire not only adds a touch of sophistication and elegance but also carries with it the deep symbolism of a meaningful and lasting union.

The book “Diamonds and Precious Stones” likely provides a comprehensive exploration of sapphires, their origins, and the various factors that contribute to their quality and value. It may discuss the geographic regions where sapphires are mined, as well as the significance of their color and clarity in determining their desirability. From the Ceylon sapphires of Sri Lanka to the vibrant blue sapphires found in Kashmir, the book likely offers a wealth of information about these precious gems.

When it comes to engagement rings, sapphires have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional diamond center stones. The royal connection, particularly with Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring that is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, has further solidified the appeal of sapphires in engagement jewelry. The book may delve into the history of famous sapphire engagement rings and how they have contributed to the enduring allure of sapphires in the world of fine jewelry.

In addition to their rich history and symbolism, sapphires are also admired for their durability. They are second in hardness only to diamonds, making them a practical choice for engagement rings that are meant to withstand everyday wear. The book may explore the science behind sapphires and how their composition contributes to their exceptional toughness.


“Diamonds and Precious Stones” is likely a captivating book that offers readers a comprehensive exploration of various gemstones, including the beloved sapphire. The book likely delves into the history, symbolism, and qualities of sapphires, shedding light on their role in the world of fine jewelry. Whether discussing the royal influence or the science behind their durability, the book likely paints a vivid picture of the enchanting world of sapphires and their significance as a choice for the elegant and timeless sapphire engagement ring.

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