Advantages and Designs of Rattan Chairs

Furniture in the form of chairs has a variety of materials, one of which is rattan. There are many Rattan Factory that you can find in Indonesian, Rattan is a type of herbaceous plant related to the mother tree. The furniture of the rattan chair is made of natural and artificial or artificial grass.

This type of natural rattan chair has a very strong nature so you should not be afraid to fall. Meanwhile, synthetic rattan chairs are unique in design, although they are not as strong as natural rattan chairs. In this article, Kania will talk about the advantages and different features of a wheelchair. Interesting why? Go ahead, just check out the comments below!

Advantages of Rattan Chair

Everything must have its advantages, as well as the rattan chairs used in the dwelling. The following are the advantages of rattan chairs that you should know:

1. Rattan Chair is Light, but Sturdy

In places with a high level of mobility, such as hotels and restaurants, rattan chairs are often the choice. This is because the rattan chair has lightweight so it is easy to move or move. Nevertheless, rattan chairs remain strong and not easily damaged, especially those made of natural materials.

In addition, rattan chairs are also able to provide a natural touch and the wicker adds aesthetic value. For additional information, often woven rattan chairs are inherited from generation to generation from rattan craftsmen.

2. Eco-friendly Rattan Chair

Compared to chairs made of wood, which require cutting down trees to get the raw materials, rattan chairs are more environmentally friendly, you know! This is because rattan is a plant that can be cultivated so that the supply of raw materials will remain smooth without harming or destroying nature.

3. Rattan chairs are easy to maintain

No need to bother to clean the rattan chair. This is because rattan chairs have properties that do not absorb water, in contrast to cleaning a sofa that needs to be washed if it is stained or spilled. To clean a rattan chair, you only need to wipe or scrape the dirt that has already dried and stuck.

In addition, if there is damage to the wicker chair, you can simply replace the wicker on the damaged part, not all of it. However, there is one obstacle in cleaning rattan chairs, to fix this, you can clean it using a brush.

Various Rattan Chair Designs

The flexible nature of rattan makes rattan chairs have many design creations. In addition, this handmade rattan chair also has a distinctive woven shape so that it has its character that is ready to give beauty to the interior design of the house.

After you know the advantages of rattan chairs, now is the time for you to get to know the various designs of Rattan Furniture. Come on, just take a peek below!

1. Classic Style Rattan Chair

Have you ever seen a rattan chair that looks like a blooming peacock feather? That is one example of a rattan chair with a classic design. Besides being relatively large, most classic-style rattan chairs are also almost entirely covered by rattan wicker. The frame of the chair was also wrapped in woven rattan.

2. Modern Style Rattan Chair

Modern rattan chairs have a simpler design than classic rattan chairs. Ergonomically, modern rattan chairs also feel more comfortable because they are more flexible and not stiff.

In general, the seat on a modern rattan chair is no longer covered with rattan wicker, but a cushion or mat in the form of soft foam. Thus, anyone will feel comfortable while sitting on it. This modern-style rattan chair is also suitable to be combined with various decorations or ornamental plants, such as monstera leaves.

3. Contemporary Style Rattan Chair

Contemporary-style rattan chairs are chairs whose designs are always up-to-date. It is characterized by a creative and minimalist design and efficient use of materials. Contemporary rattan chairs can also come in various colors. With the flexible nature of the material and the craftsmanship, the rattan chair can look fancier.

After knowing the various advantages and designs of rattan chairs, are you interested in using them? If you choose a rattan chair to complement your dwelling, you should keep it away from exposure to sunlight and rain because this can damage the rattan chair quickly.

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