7 Minimalist Chair Models for Modern Home Types

Want to design your home so that it looks modern and luxurious? You don’t have to use a lot of furniture with an exaggerated design, you know. Enough with a minimalist chair model, the house can also look attractive. Not only does it look charming, but minimalist furniture can also save a lot of space in a house with a limited area.

Even though it is minimalist, now there are many kinds of minimalist chairs that you can adjust to the theme of the room. This type of chair can also be the main center of a room in the house. Want to know what kind of chair models can add to the beauty of the room with a minimalist impression? Come on, watch!

1. Neutral Color Chair

Minimalist chair model in neutral colors

The most effective way to give a minimalist effect to a room is to use a neutral colored chair model. Choose chairs with geometric shapes and clean silhouettes to match the overall minimalist style. For the color, you can choose a white, gray, beige, or beige color variant . This natural chair color will also support the overall appearance of the room. Support the atmosphere of the room with the right lighting and large windows as the entry of light to make the room look more spacious.

2. Chair Color P op

Pop Color Minimalist Chair Model

Choosing a minimalist chair, it doesn’t mean you can’t use bold colors and can only use monochrome colors. Instead of getting a minimalist room, using too many natural colors will actually make the room feel monotonous and boring. Well, the trick is to put a little touch into the minimalist look. Give it a bolder mix of colors that will create a bolder look to the room. Add a little touch of color like orange, blue, red, green, or pink. However, still avoid complicated patterns and choose clean and firm chair shapes.

3. Square Armchair

minimalist square armchair model

Does your living room have a limited area? There’s nothing wrong with replacing the living room sofa with a one-seater like this one. The square armchair in the form of a box with closed armrests will give a minimalist impression in the living room. The shape of this chair is also very suitable to be combined with a minimalist guest table. That way, the combination of furniture will look harmonious in the living room.

4. Velvet chair

minimalist chair model Velvet chair

Velvet material is synonymous with luxury. If you want to bring out a little luxurious impression in a minimalist room, then this chair material is right to choose. The colors on the velvet material are very diverse, you know. You can make the velvet chair color your main color to find other decorations in a matching color. A velvet chair will be even more comfortable if you add a few cushions and a blanket.

5. Classic Wooden Chair

Classic wooden chairs

Wood materials and a touch of a classic design is a never-ending combination that always manages to make a room look attractive. Its unique design makes it easy to combine with various furniture styles and gives a timeless impression. Complete the look of the room with a coffee table and a carpet under the table to balance the design and color combination of the furniture.

6. Futuristic chairs

Futuristic chairs

Want to provide a unique focal point for a room with a minimalist type of chair? You can present futuristic chairs with unusual shapes as a contributor to unique details in the room. This minimalist chair with a futuristic model that is different from other chairs in general still looks minimalist, while adding artsy details in the room. Make a futuristic chair as a complement to the main chair or sofa in the room.

7. Eames Lounge Chair

Eames lounge chair

Even though it is minimalist, the design of the chair can also give a special impression to the room, you know. Call it the type of chair with the iconic shape of this eames lounge chair . This chair, which is named after its designers Charles and Ray Eames, is considered to be one of the most comfortable and functional chairs in the world, you know. This vintage design chair will give the room a different atmosphere. The seat pad of this chair is made of shiny leather and is combined with a wood texture that gives the chair a natural accent. This type of chair is perfect for use as a place to relax.

Which minimalist chair model do you like the most? Don’t forget to adjust the motif, color, and size of the chair to the area of ​​your room so that it looks more harmonious.

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