6 types of TV tables that are the best choice for the family room

Surely you have a television at home? Television has become the main entertainment medium in all Indonesian homes. Currently, the models of television are increasingly diverse. Some are placed on the table or even against the wall . However, the table-top TV model is still more widely used. Various sizes of television also make you need to choose the right type of table.

Lots of designs, types, materials to TV table models that you can choose according to your needs at home. In fact, there is also a TV table that has other functions such as placing books or others. So, so that you don’t choose the wrong choice and the TV table can suit your needs, first consider the following tips.

1. TV table according to the size of the room

Adjust the type of TV table with the area of ​​the room

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Before buying a table, it is very important to think about the size of the room. Do not let the selected TV table narrow the room or even make the room look empty. If you have a large room, the size of the TV table will certainly not be a problem. You can also place various other accessories without worrying about taking up space. However, if you have limited space, carefully calculate the area of ​​the room and the size of the table. We recommend that you also choose a TV table that has a lot of storage space to save space.

2. Wooden TV bench

type of TV table from wood

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One of the most widely used materials as a TV table is a wooden table. Wood has indeed become the main material for making household furniture. The wooden TV bench has strong durability and is of fairly good quality. In addition, wood is also suitable to be placed in various styles of the room as well as being combined with various other furniture styles. However, to keep the color looking new, you will need to refinish it after a few years. Avoid placing this wooden table in a damp place, because mold can attack the TV table which is placed in a humid location.

3. Table TV Model uilt-in

Type of TV bench model built-in

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Don’t have much room to place the TV table? You can also adjust the area of ​​the room with the TV table model in a built-in way . Usually, this model is available in a complete set with a TV embedded in the wall. The advantage of this TV table is that you don’t have to bother to move it anywhere and it’s easy to clean. This one model is also more space-efficient because it is attached to the wall so it doesn’t require additional space on the floor. The downside of this type of table is that it can be a fairly complicated demolition process when you want to renovate or move the TV.

4. Glass TV bench

Glass table

Do you want the room to look more modern? This glass TV table is perfect for making the room look more contemporary as well as wider. There are two types of glass that are usually used in making TV tables. First, clear glass. Clear glass is perfect for use in various room styles because of its minimalist appearance . Meanwhile, the second type, namely glass with additional colors or ornaments, is suitable for those of you who want to beautify the room.

If you choose a glass table, then you should clean it with a damp cloth regularly so that no mold will stick to it. Unfortunately, glass is not as strong as other materials and there is a risk of breaking easily if there is too much weight on it.

5. TV bench made of glass and wood

Glass and wood table

Well, another type of TV table that is the most favorite is a combination of glass and wood. This one model also has a variety of designs ranging from modern to ethnic. Apart from its attractive appearance, this glass and wood table can also highlight the elegant side of the room. For maintenance, you only need to clean the wood using a dry cloth, while a wet cloth for parts made of glass.

6. TV bench with storage rack

Table with storage shelves

There is a TV table equipped with open and closed storage spaces. An open table means it is not equipped with a closing door. This table with storage shelves will make it easy for you to store your DVD collection, karaoke equipment, stereo, speakers, or some displays and decorations.

So, is there any inspiration for choosing the right TV table for your home? Come on, start hunting for the TV table that best suits the type of room and your needs.

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