4 DIY Floral Decoration Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Beautiful

Want to make the house look more pleasing to the eye? One way to make your home interior more beautiful and sweet, you can apply DIY decoration ideas with a floral or flower theme. The use of decorations in the house not only makes the house look livelier, but decorations can also help highlight the theme of the house and the personality of the owner.

Therefore, it is important for you to pay attention to what decorations you want to display in your home that match your personality as the home owner. You don’t have to buy it, you can also make it yourself with easy floral decoration creations with the following DIY ways or ideas.

1. Beautiful Flower Hangers

DIY floral decoration, pretty flower hanger

Want to make a beautiful wall decoration from flowers? You can arrange the flowers into a curtain like this. Adjust the type of flower with your favorite flower. You can choose the flower color according to your taste. Not only as a wall decoration, this flower curtain will also be very beautiful if it is used as a substitute for a bed headboard . The room will feel even more romantic and sweet.

How to make it easy, just with a rope and wooden branches. Attach the selected flower to the string and tie it to a piece of wood. Then, attach it to the wall you want.

. Giant Paper Flower

DIY Giant paper flower decoration

You don’t have to use real flowers, you can also decorate your house using giant paper flowers which are very easy to make yourself. How to make it quite easy. First, make a pattern to make flower petals. Make at least 3 different sizes of petals. Cut the paper to follow the pattern that has been made. Then roll up the petal pieces using a marker. The goal is to make curved flower petals.

After that, glue the flower petals in layers according to the size, starting from large to small. This one decoration can be durable and looks like a 3D installation.

3. Mirror with Floral Accents

DIY floral decoration Mirror with floral accents

It feels incomplete if the house is not equipped with a mirror . In addition to checking appearance, mirrors also function to make the room seem more spacious and brighter. Mirrors can also be a sweet room decoration, you know. Especially when decorated with floral accents like this. This one decoration is perfect for those of you who are feminine and like to make up. Make-up activities are becoming more and more interesting. You can also make OOTD photos in front of this beautiful mirror.

4. Floral Wallpaper

floral walllpaper

To make the room feel more alive, another option is to use a floral wallpaper. The installation of wallpaper is also relatively easy and can last for years. Various wallpaper motifs will also make it easier for you to choose the floral motif that best suits your taste. In addition to beautiful motifs, wallpaper can also cover the shortcomings of walls, especially if there are cracks.

Even though it seems feminine, DIY floral-themed decoration ideas can make a house look more beautiful and charming, you know. For a more masculine and minimalist look, you can also adjust it by choosing the type of flowers and colors. Good luck!