UniDiary Day 27: This is Halloween

Halloween decorations
Death warmed up:

I felt DREADFUL this morning. My headache from last night¬†was still waging war behind my eyes. Sadly, it was winning by a mile. My alarm went off at 7am so that I’d have time to shower before my 9am lecture, but I reset it for 8am. There was no way I was getting out of bed and standing underneath pounding water.

The extra hour of sleep didn’t help, either. I felt nauseous as I climbed out of bed, but I only had lessons until 12pm. After that, I could come back to bed and try to recover. Four hours was nothing. It would pass, quick as a flash.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t wrong. I drank a Lucozade, ate my breakfast and started feeling better halfway through my lecture. The seminar ended up being a lot of fun, but I was still looking forward to relaxing when I got back to my room. I felt as though I’d run three marathons, and all I’d done was walk for twenty minutes and pay attention for two hours.

A claustrophobic situation:

When I got back to the flat, I hung out with my flatmates for a little bit. I haven’t seen them since I went away last week, so it was nice to catch up. One of them is Jewish, so we’ve decided to have Christmas in January and focus on Hanukkah in December. Apparently there’s a game called dreidel which involves betting, and a competition where doughnuts are hung from the ceiling and you have to eat yours without dropping it on the floor. That all sounds like a lot of fun to me! Halloween is my favourite holiday, so as long as I have something to look forward to I’m happy.

Dangling bats
Another picture of the Halloween decorations. Isn’t this the coolest ceiling you’ve ever seen?

Because I’m so close to my flatmates now (well, three of them, anyway) that wasn’t the claustrophobic situation I was talking about. Despite the fact that my head was still aching, I had to open up my laptop. It was time to write my creative writing assignments for this week. Thankfully, I read the set short stories yesterday (‘Apollo’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver). If I’d left them until today, there’s no way I would have been able to focus.

The assigned writing task for this week was 500 words on a character in a situation that they’re unable to escape from. I had an idea as soon as we were told the prompt, and decided to use it. A girl who gets a date on Tinder, turns up and he’s nothing like she expected, but she’s far too polite to leave. Most of my stories have been darker, so I enjoyed writing something a bit more light-hearted… But I’m not sure if managed to do it right or not.

Trick or treat!:

Of course I didn’t ACTUALLY go trick-or-treating this evening. I’m 21. That’s totally unacceptable behaviour. (Sadly. I think free sweets should be open to anyone who puts effort into a costume. It would make the world a far more fun place).

Instead, I went trick-or-treating on Subeta. I’ve mentioned it once before in the past, but it’s kind of my nerdy little secret. It has its own holiday – Morostide – in place of Halloween. You can get tons of cool free items by visiting other users and exploring the Pumpkin Patch.

As someone who doesn’t drink but still really loves Halloween, this is the perfect compromise. I get to stay in in my pyjamas, but I also get to celebrate with thousands of people from across the globe. I’m going to attempt to stay away until 4am, because that’s when the holiday finishes… But I don’t want to risk my headache coming back. I’ve actually been looking after myself since I started university. If I was at home, I wouldn’t think twice about making myself ill by pushing myself too hard.

No matter how late I stay up, I still have to be at my lecture at 12pm tomorrow. At least it’s a later start than this morning: two 9am starts in a row would literally kill me…

The end of Blogtober:

Because it’s Halloween, that also means it’s the end of Blogtober. Technical difficulties stopped me from uploading a post a day, I still managed to write 31 posts. That’s not too shabby!

Hopefully this productivity will remain. I’ve hated the last few months of inactivity, but I’ve been uninspired. At the moment, though, I’m writing more than I ever have before. Thanks to NaNoWriMo I’ll still be writing as much in November, but whether it’ll be for the blog or not, you’ll just have to wait and see.