UniDiary Day 25: Location, location, location

The importance of setting:

Setting is a very important part of every story. For example, I’m writing this from my boyfriend’s flat in Swindon. This morning, I was in Hatfield. I’ve moved location, and the new setting tells you that I’ve been doing some travelling today. See? Plot, through setting!

Our lecturer sent us out of the classroom for twenty minutes. We had to choose a random location on campus, sit down and describe it – creatively, of course. I chose the seating area that overlooks the student union and the entrance hall. The corridor is lined with flags. To start with they always drew my attention, but now they fade into the background. That kind of makes me sad, so it was interesting to develop that.

He wasn’t exactly happy when we returned, because our pieces were all too good! He joked that we’re ruining the class for him at this point, because he should be giving us and helping us improve… But we’re managing to do it all by ourselves. That’s a huge compliment.

This week, we have to write 500 words based on the feeling of being trapped. That really excites me. I’ve written on the theme of entrapment for coursework before, and it was a ball. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull on my past experience to write my best piece so far.

A brief bit of book shopping:

Creative writing finished a little early (after a half an hour discussion about our favourite TV shows… Slightly off topic, but they’re filled with creative writing!). My bus home didn’t leave Victoria until 4:30pm, but I got into London at 2pm. I decided to go to a couple of charity shops in my spare time, and I also grabbed some pretty cool titles from Victoria library’s book sale. I’ll edit in a picture of my haul tomorrow, because half of the books are at my house already.

I haven’t spent any money on books since moving to university. That means it wasn’t bad at all that I managed to get 12 books for £8.60 today! There are some really exciting titles in there, too.

One way ticket to hell:

I got to Victoria coach station just after 3:30pm. With an hour until my bus, I flopped down in a seat a few bays away. For some reason, it was ridiculously busy in there today. Where did everyone come from? I was just looking forward to going home.

As departure time grew closer, I shuffled my way around to bay 17. Carrying a huge duffel bag and my packed backpack, I was looking forward to sitting down. I thought we’d start boarding at any moment… Until the bus drove away, at 4:26pm.

The departure time was 4:30pm. Where the hell was it going?! Helpfully, the attendant informed us that the bus was no longer there. Yeah, we kinda got that. But there was no information about how long it was going to take for it to come back.

Turns out, there was a mechanical fault with the toilet. The bus came back and we finally boarded at 5pm, and no one was going to Heathrow, so we were able to skip that stop. By the time we reached Swindon, we’d made up a lot of time, and it looked like we were only going to be 15 minutes late. That was a nice surprise!

Until the bus broke down.

Yep, as though this bus journey hadn’t been hellish enough. We were delayed, stuck in traffic and crawling slower than a worm, and we almost reached our destination… And then a loud, beeping alarm started sounding, and according to the bus driver there was smoke coming from the back of the vehicle. Ace.

He told us he’d be able to get a replacement, but it would take two hours. Luckily, my grandad came and got me instead.

Closed for business:

I made it to my boyfriend’s house, a lot later than planned, but I finally got to see him for the first time in three weeks. We then went to see our friends for a little bit. I have been DREAMING about having a Wetherspoon’s classic hot dog, and I’ve been looking forward to it all week. So when we arrived and my friend told me the kitchen was closed, I could have cried.

We ended up going to Subway. I had a footlong, and it was glorious… But it was no classic hot dog. We’re going to the Wetherspoon’s again on Sunday – hopefully the kitchen will be open again then, or I might commit a murder.

My boyfriend’s nearly asleep, so I should probably join him. See you tomorrow!