UniDiary Day 24: She lived in a constant state of Vertigo

I’m spinning around, move out of my way:

Thankfully my flatmate wasn’t loud last night, so I arrived at film feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Yesterday’s screening of ‘Vertigo’ was enjoyable, but a little slow. Although I was interested in learning more about the film, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew there’d be a focus on colour, something I haven’t studied in film yet. But there were so many interesting uses of colour! I didn’t know which ones the lecturer would choose to focus on.

For the main lecture, he played various clips of different films that had interesting colour usage. I’m definitely going to check out a couple of them (particularly ‘Suspiria’, which looked really interesting). I didn’t know much about the process behind colouring films, so it was great to learn some technical information.

Things picked up in the seminar, though. Closely analysing the psychedelic opening sequence, my eyes were spinning from concentrating on the spirals used throughout.

Vertigo spiral

I definitely think I’m going to do my assessed presentation on ‘Vertigo’. Hopefully I won’t change my mind in the next two weeks, because the next two films might be great!

You’re a monster!:

The last few English Literature seminars have been easy, but this one was stuffed full of information. We discussed the beginning of Mary Shelley’s novel, as well as the characters of Elizabeth and Henry. Then we looked into the essay questions which we have to choose between… And I still have no idea which one I’m going to pick. Not helpful, when the draft essay is due in on the 10th of November. (I mean, yes, that’s still two weeks away. But it would be nice to be able to make a solid decision already! The questions are just far too interesting, which makes sense because our lecturer wrote them. She’s wonderful).

We also got set some ACTUAL HOMEWORK. I was tempted to come back and do it straight away, because it’s super easy. That’s how much I’ve changed from my school days, when I would put everything off until the morning it was due. I didn’t do it, though, because we need to choose an article we like and write 150 words about it. If I do it now, I’ll have forgotten what it’s about when I have to discuss it next week. That would be awkward.

The Case of the Confusing Word Count – A Conclusion:

So, it turns out that the references were included in the word count for the essay we had to write. I was confused by this yesterday and I’m still confused now, because it means I only actually wrote 500 words. The references took up the rest of the word count. *shrug*

However, because my tutor replied supremely quickly, I managed to finish it off AND submit it tonight. I was determined to get it done before going home this weekend, and I’ve done that. I’m ridiculously proud of myself.

That meant that the rest of this evening could be used to have a nap, read and blog. The 9-5 day always saps my energy, so the nap is becoming a mandatory section of each Thursday night. Blogging, of course I do that every night, but it’s been nice to curl up and read too. I’m not going to be able to get as much reading done this weekend while I’m home, but at least I shouldn’t get too far behind.

I’m going out with my friends tomorrow night, but I still need to get a blog up: it is Blogtober, after all! I’ll see you tomorrow, even if it’s the briefest post I’ve ever produced…