UniDiary Day 21: Just another manic Monday…

Bird of prey
The weekend:

So, I lied to you. On Friday I told you I was going to actually blog about university this weekend, and I didn’t. Whoops.

Well, there was nothing to talk about on Saturday. I stayed in my room reading all day. Not only did I manage to finish a few books, I also wrote a couple of book reviews! I have been struggling to review at all lately, so that’s a huge step for me. I’m hoping it continues. I feel far more inclined to pick up my ARCs knowing I will actually be able to deliver the review I promised.

Sunday, however, was delightful. The university hosted a free community event, and even though I only went for an hour and a half, I had a whale of a time. There was supposed to be a falconry display, but it was too windy. Instead, I spent an hour awing over the gorgeous birds, before watching a pack of unprofessional doggos play flyball. I haven’t had more fun since moving here.

Flying doggo in action

A piece of advice for you: learn how to feel comfortable doing things on your own. I’ve been good at this for a while. If I wasn’t, it would have been an insurmountable task. Instead, I got to spend an entire hour staring at beautiful birds of prey, not feeling rushed at all.

Bird of prey
Look at how gorgeous this guy was!

Sometimes, other people make good days harder rather than easier.

A friend in need is a friend indeed:

You might not remember, but on my second day here I made friends with a girl who has an accessibility dog. She had a really bad night last night. Her flatmates were screaming and she thought someone was in trouble, and she dislocated her hip while trying to check on them. This morning, she was struggling, so she asked me if I could go over and help.

Of course I said yes! I’m not a monster, I’m not selfish, and all I was doing was lounging in bed. It was also her birthday. No one deserves to be in pain and alone, but particularly not on their birthday. Especially not someone with a beautiful soul like hers.

By the time I got there, she’d managed to get herself sorted, but we still hung out all day. I haven’t seen her properly for a while, and it was lovely to catch up. We even went for…

Cheeky Nando’s!:

I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to go to Nando’s with me for a while. He refuses, because a girl broke up with him in a Nando’s once. They hold bad vibes, and he thinks if we ever go there it’ll be the end of us. He’s wrong… But it gives us less choice on where to eat out, and we’re both majorly indecisive, so it’s a blessing in disguise.

Honestly, it was a struggle for me to eat out. Back home, I treat myself to food A LOT. I love eating, and it’s a sociable thing, so whenever me and my friends go to the pub I’ll end up getting food. But since moving here, I’ve stopped doing that. I’ve been making more of an effort to save my money, spending under £10 every time I get food shopping in ALDI. Buying a pitta for £6.25 was heartbreaking: that was enough money to keep me fed for almost a week!

I’ve been a student for a month exactly, and I’m already good at budgeting and living on less. Hopefully I can incorporate this in to my life at home. I’ve always wanted to save money, but I’ve always been really bad at it – it seems like it’s finally changing, though!

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to catch up on the reading I was supposed to do today. I also need to write my creative writing piece for the week, and an 800-word essay on ‘The Imitation Game’ (that I should have started already…). I’ll let you know tomorrow how successful I am, because I’ve got a feeling the answer’s going to be “not very”!

  • Barb(Boxermommyreads)

    Sounds like things are going well. The falcons look awesome. It was such a nice thing that you were able to help out your friend. I remember college and it seems sometimes there weren’t enough “nice” people around. Everyone seems so out for themselves sometimes. Hope you have a wonderful week!