UniDiary Day 19: What’s My Name Again?

My Name is NO
Just five more minutes…:

When I woke up, I felt exhausted. I had an undisturbed night, but felt as though I’d been asleep for five minutes, not seven hours. Waking up early to shower, I dragged myself out of bed. I then let myself have another hour’s sleep (drying my hair on my pillow, because why not).

I’ve had an hour nap this evening already, and I’m still planning on sleeping as soon as I publish this post. What is wrong with me? I hope it stops soon. It’s frustrating, because I want to work! I don’t want to sleep my first year away.

It didn’t help that I had three lectures today, meaning I’d be on campus from 9am to 5pm. I found it difficult last week, and despite being awake for half of the night I wasn’t really tired. This morning I nearly fell asleep in my bowl of cereal.

My little star:

‘Imitation of Life’ really delves into the cult of star through both casting and characters. It’s been a long time since I thought about Richard Dyer’s star theory – something I studied back in my media studies A-level – and it was nice to start putting some theory into our film discussions. Technically that’s our next module (this one is film criticism), but I’m looking forward to rediscovering the theories that made me love media so much in the first place.

We were also taught a new theory today: Susan Sontag’s thoughts on Camp. I had a vague idea on what Camp meant, but it was nice to get a bit more contextual information to allow us to apply it directly to film. ‘Imitation of Life’ is far more multi-faceted than it appeared after the screening yesterday… I’m now reconsidering whether I was too hasty in deciding not to focus upon it for my presentation.

Imitation of Life

I’m planning on watching the next three films (‘Vertigo’, ‘Letter From an Unknown Woman’ and ‘Carrie’) over the weekend, so I can make an informed decision and start working on my assignment. It’s better to get a head start than to be struggling to catch up.

What’s my name again, what’s my name again:

My English literature seminar was going pretty well, until the last twenty minutes. Our lecturer split us into groups: Wordsworth, Byron or Shelley. We had to focus on our assigned poet, annotating their poems and answering a series of questions.

Half of my group was awesome. First up, the girl who I was paired with last week. Yay! She has great ideas, and I have fun bouncing off of her. A girl from my Engaging With the Humanities class, who’s always seemed really lovely, was another group member. Sadly, the other three people in our group were the “popular” kids. (Putting “popular” in air quotes, because no one cares if you’re popular at university. Honestly, it’s the polite way of saying dicks).

The three of us automatically knuckled down, because that’s what we do. Popular Dick 1 quipped that they were in the right group because they wouldn’t have to do any work. Seriously? What’s the point in attending university if you don’t want to work?!

Then Popular Dick 2 piped up, “I don’t know any of their names”. Well, C—-, you could have just leaned over and asked, instead of proceeding to chat shit for twenty minutes.

(Speaking of which, Popular Dick 3 is planning on committing academic misconduct and getting people to swipe her attendance card when she’s not actually in… Gonna sit on that one until she actually does it, then I’ll have no qualms about reporting her.)

I had to introduce myself to him in our first seminar, and I can remember his name: it’s rude that he didn’t remember mine. It’s common decency to learn people’s names. University’s supposed to be higher education, not a return to primary school.

Early to bed, late to rise:

It’s not even 9pm yet, but I’m already planning on sleeping soon. If I can sleep enough tonight, hopefully I’ll feel more refreshed over the next couple of days. I only have my creative writing workshop tomorrow, but I’m actually staying at university over the weekend: god knows if people do partying or go crazy as soon as Friday night begins, but it’ll be an interesting experience. That means you’ll get an extra two installments of UniDiary this week. Aren’t you so lucky?!