UniDiary Day 16 + 17: Flatmate solidarity

Popcorn tub
Mundane Monday:

With just one lesson and a bunch of reading for English literature, I decided to skip writing a blog yesterday. I would have been raving about how great carrots taste in pasta. There would have been a little rant about how much I dislike Emile Zola. Maybe a little bit of excitement because I handed in the creative writing assignment first this week. You didn’t miss much.

The flatmate who hosted quiz night last Monday invited me to play Pictionary, but I was too busy. About an hour later, there was a lot of screaming and running in the hallway… Somehow, I fell asleep despite the noise. There’s a first time for everything!

Waking up this morning, I was confronted by a messy kitchen. Popcorn all over the floor, empty cups stacked up on the table. I wrote it off, assuming that Pictionary got a little out of hand and it would get cleaned up later.

Um, um, um:

Yep, you guessed it, time for another English literature lecture! Things were better than last week (94 ums between 9:10 and 9:20am, down 17 on last week’s total), but it was still SO BORING. Despite the fact that they only last for an hour, I can hardly pay attention. I hope her constant um-ing doesn’t hurt my grades, or I’m going to be MAD. Thankfully, the Dean of Humanities is running our lecture on Bertolt Brecht: my ears get a brief reprieve.

One thing she said really made me laugh, though. She was explaining that the English literature department don’t read draft essays. Why? “Because this is the real world.”

Excuse me? This isn’t the real world. As someone who has been working for the past two years, I know that’s not true. You don’t write essays in the real world. Hell, you don’t get GRADES in the real world! The education system is completely alien compared to anything you experience later in life. (Unless, perhaps, you’re an overpaid academic who writes papers… But how many of us will end up doing that?). It was literally the most ridiculous statement that she could have made.

Apparently, we “need to do the work” ourselves… Yes, and we’re paying you a lot of money to stand at the front of our lectures for one hour a week. The very least you can do is help us take steps towards success, instead of leaving us floundering. Drafting an essay is work. Getting that essay checked to make sure you’re doing it right? That’s a sensible idea.

(Meanwhile, we have to hand in a draft essay for our other English literature module. Otherwise they cap our grades. Where is the cohesion in that system?!).

Flatmate fight!:

Turns out, the Pictionary game didn’t get out of hand. I walked out of my English lecture. My phone was buzzing crazily with updates from our flat’s group chat. A mysterious culprit had stolen things from the kitchen: bacon, orange juice, popcorn and grapes. (The grapes weren’t actually stolen. The cellophane was left in the fridge, the ravaged box of grapes empty on the kitchen counter).

Receiving this through WhatsApp, I didn’t know whether it was okay to giggle.

Noise woke me in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, I went straight back to sleep without checking what time it was. People must have been going home after the rowdy Pictionary game, and were still being loud. I didn’t realise that the noise was going on until almost 6am. Turns out, flatmate-who-kept-everyone-awake last Thursday had friends round again, and her friends are the ones that stole the stuff.

She insists that she didn’t know them and tried to make them leave, but our other flatmate heard them laughing and joking together in the early hours. Also, she said she’d ask them what they’d stolen: how could she do that if she didn’t know them? Mysterious.

Come together, right now:

Which leads us to where we are now. Our planned flat meeting had a 50% attendance, so the four of us decided to make a cleaning rota featuring everyone’s names. They didn’t turn up to the meeting, so they lost their choice of cleaning partner. Sucks, doesn’t it? At least it means that we can keep a careful eye on who isn’t pulling their weight. I don’t want money taken out of my deposit because someone else is being lazy.

I’m actually kinda looking forward to cleaning night. Me and the guy I cleaned with last week grabbed the 8th of November, so there’s quite a while until our date (but we did do it last week, after all). In fact, I think it’s going to be difficult to leave it for everyone else to do… I know they need to pick up the slack, but cleaning is just so satisfying.

I had a three hour nap earlier in the afternoon, but I’m still absolutely shattered… And it’s only 9:30pm. Whoops. I’m going to get into my pyjamas and try and do some work for English tomorrow, but the likelihood is I’ll just have an early night.

Hopefully there won’t be any screaming in the early hours, but I’ll update you tomorrow!