UniDiary Day 15: Neck Deep

Neck Deep
The structure of a plot:

While structuring a story, you must remember: craft a beginning, a middle and an end. This is also known as exposition, climax and resolution. As I’m telling you the story of this day, I’m going to structure it like so. I’ll start with my creative writing workshop (that’s the beginning). I’ll talk you through the rising action of my day, until reaching the climax: Neck Deep’s triumphant sold out headline show at the O2 Academy in Brixton. And I’ll finish off with the bus journey where I’m writing this post (uploading it when I get to my boyfriend’s house, at almost 2:30am).

Remember I told you I was in love with my creative writing lecturer? Yep, I’ve fallen even harder this week. I made a couple of good points in class, and he looked deep into my eyes and said, “Brilliant”. *swoon*. He’s terrible at jokes, though. He seemed extremely proud of two jokes he told us, but both of them were cringey as heck.

What’s Snoop Dogg’s favourite cake? Lemon drizzle.

What’s the perfect social media site for single ladies who love cats? Spinstergram.

You’re cringing too, right? Thank god it wasn’t just me.

Queuing = purgatory:

Creative writing was my only class today, so I went back to my room. Showering and cooking food (the second day in a row I’ve actually cooked!), I decided to head to the venue early. Neck Deep were selling really cool (and limited) screen prints, and I didn’t want to miss Real Friends set. I knew I was going to miss Woes, though: for some reason, their stage time was the same time that doors opened. Bummer.

As soon as I walked around the corner, I knew I’d underestimated the queue. Looping all the way around the venue and down two roads, my jaw dropped. There was no way I was getting in for Real Friends, who were scheduled to start at 7:35pm. It was already 7:07pm.

Grateful for the fact that it wasn’t cold or raining, I begrudgingly joined the queue. If it moved too slowly, I was planning on bailing. I could return to watch Neck Deep’s set, but I was already unhappy about seeing As It Is. I do not like those guys. Thankfully it was shifting pretty quickly, and Real Friends stage time began as I turned the final corner. Yes, I would miss a couple of songs, but I’d probably still get to see half of their set.

Turns out, I was wrong. Because of the crazy queue times, they pushed the stage times back. Real Friends didn’t start until 7:45pm, meaning I watched (and adored) every moment of their set.

Fuck Neck Deep:

I’m going to write a full review of the show (eventually, after I’ve written all of the others I have yet to do…) but one thing’s for sure: Neck Deep are at the top of their game. Playing nine songs from recent release ‘The Peace and the Panic’, it sounds as though they’re focusing on new material. That’s incorrect. Their set features songs from every release, including surprise reappearances from a couple of old fan favourites.

If you like Neck Deep and you didn’t get tickets to this tour, you made a mistake.

I’ve seen them more times than I can count, but this was my first time at a headline show. It’s not going to be my last.

Before attending the set, I was surprised that they managed to sell out the venue. But just hearing songs like ‘Don’t Wait’ and ‘In Bloom’ in big venues makes it undeniable: Neck Deep are a big deal. With singalongs as powerful as the ones they received, they’re going to be headlining arenas before you know it.

The wheels on the bus:

And that brings us up to date with where we are now. I’m sat at the back of a National Express bus, looking forward to getting to my boyfriend’s house to sleep. (Yes, he’s still in America. I’m staying over to save taxi money and water his plants). There’s a road closure between Newbury and Reading, so I’m not going to be getting back for another hour – sob. But I’m going to sleep so well when I do.

I’m taking the weekend off of UniDiary again, because I’m back in Swindon, but I’ll catch up with you on Monday. See you then!

(EDIT: My boyfriend’s WiFi was switched off when I got back to his house, so this is a little later than planned!).