BLOGTOBER Day 14: Ten Halloween decorations for under £10

Halloween is fast approaching, and as I’m living the student life I can’t really afford decorations. However, I know a lot of people agree with me: Halloween is better than Christmas! So I’ve taken it upon myself to find the ten best decorations that you can get for under £10. They might not be the best quality, but they’ll help you get your spook on… For a short time, at least.

10) Poundland’s skull lights
Skull lights
Like being stared at in your sleep? Good!

The main problem with Poundland’s website is that you can find stores near to you, BUT you can’t see if they have the item in stock. If you have a Poundland near you, it’s worth heading down. They have a lot of Halloween decorations, and £10 gets you a very long way in there! I’d like to get hold of these skull lights. After Halloween has finished, they would look cool wrapped around my bedhead. I can’t guarantee how bright they are, though, or how long their batteries will last (or even if they’re changeable!).

9) Tesco’s toilet door skeleton

Skeleton toilet decoration

Fed up with unexpected guests constantly inviting themselves into your bathroom? Scare the absolute bejesus out of them with this £5.99 door decoration from Tesco. I’m a practical joker, so I love this a lot. The only reason I’ve put it so low on the list is because you do need to cut a hole in it for your door handle… I can imagine this piece of DIY going terribly for me.

8) ASDA’s black rose

Black rose

Want to live like Tate and Violet from American Horror Story? Your dream can come true if you grab some of these black roses from ASDA! They know how you don’t like normal things. (If you buy ten, not only do you spend your entire £10, you also have the perfect bouquet for a My Chemical Romance-themed wedding. Thank me later!).

7) Unique Party’s Pumpkin leaf bags

Pumpkin bags

I can’t think of anything scarier than needing to work to decorate a party. If you purchase these bags (potentially using my Amazon Affiliate link!) you’re forcing yourself to rake up the leaves in your front garden… And maybe a few of your neighbour’s gardens, too! This might be the perfect incentive. As these bags cost £2.19 for 20, you’ll have a lot of decorations (if you put in the effort).

6) Poundland’s light up spider

Spider light

What’s worse than a spider hidden in the corner of the room? A spider who’s the life and soul of the party. This guy looks like a doofus, but I guarantee you his eyes will follow every guest at your party (even though he only has two eyes, instead of eight). Needing three batteries, he might need some TLC, but he’ll be worth it.

5) Wilko’s Spiderweb tablecloth
Spiderweb tablecloth
Hopefully comes without spiders…

The nice thing about this tablecloth is that you can use it all year round. Want a spookily romantic Valentine’s meal? Whip out this tablecloth, and dinner is served. At only £3, it might not last too long, but if your drunken friends can control themselves you’ll get at least a couple of uses out of it.

4) ASDA’s glittery pumpkins

Glittery pumpkins

If you want to join in with the Halloween celebrations but find everything a bit too spooky, these pumpkins are perfect for you. Covered in glitter, these black and gold pumpkins are not too Halloweeny, so they won’t give anyone a fright. This set of three will cost you £2.50, so with £10 you can get an entire field of pumpkins!

3) Wilko’s creepy tinsel

Creepy tinsel

Another recommendation from Wilko’s, this tinsel is only £1 and comes in various styles. You can even reuse it at Christmas (though it may raise a few eyebrows!).

2) Tesco’s 23cm raven


Completely your Edgar Allan Poe costume with this intensely creepy raven. He’s a little more expensive, coming in at £7.99, but if you live somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, you’re buying yourself a companion for life.

1) The Range’s pumpkin tealight holder

Pumpkin tealight holder

I couldn’t resist putting this pumpkin tealight holder as my top recommendation, because I bought it a month ago! Though I don’t use tealights, I do use my toothbrush… So I’m using this as my toothbrush and toothpaste holder at university. Every time I walk into the bathroom, he makes me smile, and though he looks a little goofy in this picture, he’s majestic in real life. Far worth the £1, because he’s made of very thick glass (practically unbreakable!).

I hope you enjoyed this spooky post! If you buy any of these decorations, send me pictures of them in action.