UniDiary Day 14: Cleaning party!

False alarm:

Voices in the corridor woke me in the early hours of the morning. Groaning, I grabbed one of my stuffed toys, pulling it over my face. If I just led very still, they’d go away. They had to.

But the noises continued, and so did my irritation. Five more minutes, and I’d go and speak to them. I’d told myself this before, and I hadn’t. I was sure it was going to be an action replay of the first night, and I still wouldn’t do anything… Until moments later, when I tore my bedroom door open and told them to keep it down.

If that’s not character development, I don’t know what is.

The days are getting shorter:

Literally and mentally. Night is drawing in a lot faster, so it is getting dark quickly, but the time is flying past. I can’t believe that my mum was admitted to hospital a week ago. It genuinely feels as though it’s been a couple of months at the very least.

I’m still loving my Film lessons and my English Literature seminar group. Despite the fact that Thursday is my longest day – a 9am start with a 5pm finish – it’s my favourite day by far. It’s just a shame that all of my favourite lessons fall at the end of the week, because Creative Writing on Friday mornings is a delight too. At least it means I always have something to look forward to.

Nearly a month has passed since starting university, and it’s definitely not scary anymore. In fact, I spent all evening in the kitchen with my flatmates. I’ve let a couple of them in on some personal stuff I have going on, and they’ve been supremely supportive… I feel bad for judging them so harshly for the first few weeks, because I’m starting to think of them as friends now. In fact, me and the boy living opposite me teamed up this evening, and became…

The cleaning crew!:

We both find cleaning really fun and satisfying, which is ridiculous. Our flat scored a 7/10 on today’s inspection – still a green rating – but a threatening note was put on it saying that we’d get a red next week if we didn’t clean the kitchen. In my opinion, that’s bullshit. Not only did they not provide us with the cleaning equipment listed on the flat inventory sheet, we’re still on a green rating. They can’t just drop us down willy nilly.

So me and the boy decided to do something about it. Armed with Dettol wipes, a very soapy bucket and a forlorn mop, we spent and hour and a half cleaning the kitchen until it was spotless. The girl who woke us all up last night came home, said she could have done it in ten minutes and then said that we should have done it on Wednesday night… And that was the moment I gave up on humanity a little bit, and decided to go to bed.

Since then, I’ve slipped into a bit of a funk. I’m picking a fight with my boyfriend, I’m procrastinating and I’m refusing to sleep, despite being really tired. Hopefully I can shake this off by tomorrow: I’m looking forward to seeing Neck Deep, and I don’t want to ruin it for myself by being in this mood…