UniDiary Day 12 + 13: Dodos everywhere!

Here Be Dodos
Migraine madness:

I was planning on writing my UniDiary entry after I got back from Dodocon17 last night, but I couldn’t. Since coming to university, I’ve been struggling with migraines again. It could be the constant screen usage, or the overly florescent lighting… But MY GOD, it hurts. There’s not even anything I can do: I’m not able to take migraine medication at the moment, and paracetamol don’t help. If you have any natural remedies, please leave them in the comments!

Because I had a migraine, I had a four hour nap when I got back from university yesterday. I wanted to be recover enough to go to see all of the dodos, and it would have been impossible without sleep. It’s annoying, though, because I had a lot I wanted to talk about. Like the fact that my lecturer said “um” 111 times in ten minutes (meaning, if she continues at that volume, I’ll have heard 15,984 “ums” by the end of first year. KILL ME.

(Oh, and the fact that she snapped at me for telling a girl which other plays were included in Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Four Major Plays’. Apparently, answering her question was an inappropriate conversation. Funny, considering I was talking to the only girl in the class who hadn’t read the required reading. We COULDN’T talk about the play itself. RAGE.)

Bloodydamn dodos:

Heading into London for Hodder’s Dodocon17, I was buzzing with excitement. An email I received on Monday night let slip that they were going to be giving away ARCs of Pierce Brown’s ‘Iron Gold’. Unless this is your first time visiting this blog, you’ll know I am OBSESSED with Pierce’s world. Pierce announced ‘Iron Gold’ back in February 2016. The first words out of my mouth were? “Hodder better send me an advanced copy!”. (I promise I wasn’t being presumptuous. They sent me early copies of the last two books in the Red Rising trilogy. It was reasonable to expect the next one!).

Because I attended Chapter 5’s Proof Party┬áback in July 2016, I was already familiar with the venue. I wasn’t worried about finding it, but that was a bad thing. My overconfidence resulted in me getting to the pub literally three minutes before the speech! It would have been so embarrassing, walking in right in the middle of it…

Pickwick the Dodo
A (slightly blurry) picture of Pickwick the Dodo, Hodder’s mascot. Apparently I was too excited to meet him!

I’m really bad with situations like these, because my anxiety goes through the roof. Thankfully, I saw a couple of people I met last year, and chatting to them put me at ease. I also talked to a couple of new people! One of them lived just outside of Cambridge, so was also getting the train from Kings Cross. We travelled across London together, and I didn’t make too much of an idiot of myself: success!

And yes, I got one of those goodie bags…
Hodder goodie bag
So many wonderful bookish things!

Which came with another proof as well as ‘Iron Gold’!

The Beast's Heart and Iron Gold
Aren’t they both so beautiful? I could literally cry just looking at them.

The bag I picked up came with a copy of ‘The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night’, but because I already had it I switched it for this gorgeous proof of ‘The Beast’s Heart’. I didn’t want to take a copy from someone who hadn’t read it yet.

No ‘Iron Gold’ spoilers are allowed until release date, so you can’t expect a review before January 16th. Keep an eye out in the new year, though…

Wacky Wednesday:

…wasn’t actually that Wacky, to be honest. My English Literature lecture started ten minutes late and finished twenty minutes early. Good value for money. Then we watched ‘Peeping Tom’ in Film, which was just creepy as hell. Not looking forward to discussing THAT for two hours tomorrow!

One development: my reading slump is over. At university, you have to do a lot of further reading. I picked up a book on Film art, which someone else rudely decided to reserve. Instead of lying down and taking it, I decided to read it tonight.┬áConsider the fact that it’s 500 pages. Now consider the fact that I started it five hours ago, and I only have three chapters left. That’s pretty impressive, even for me.

In fact, I’m going to try to squeeze another chapter out before bed. See you guys tomorrow!