UniDiary Day 11: Scoring an own goal

Kathryn's package
Over the weekend:

Last time I spoke to you, I was on my way home to Swindon. My mum was in hospital preparing for surgery, and I was absolutely terrified. Meanwhile, my boyfriend was about to fly all the way to Las Vegas. In other words, I was terrified for most of the people who I hold closest to my heart.

Thankfully, mum’s surgery went well. I’m so proud of her, because she dealt with the entire debacle so effortlessly. Sean’s flight didn’t crash. They’re both fine and healthy, and I’m back at university. Let’s home that’s the last big upheaval I’m going to have to deal with for a while…

The only notable thing that happened over the weekend was the fact that WordPress decided to completely die on me. Refusing to paste in any links, I couldn’t really prep any of the posts I’d planned to. Bummer. It seems to be behaving a bit more tonight, but I haven’t had time to completely fix the posts it had already affected. Whoops.

She shoots, she scores! Goal!:

I was ten minutes late to Engaging With the Humanities, because the bus decided to stop for a break for no reason. Of course. Why wouldn’t that happen? I’d been travelling for four hours, and it was only the local bus which delayed me. Sigh.

Rushing in, I was confronted with my worst nightmare. Goal setting. I’m one of those people who can set goals for myself, but I don’t want to share them. I also don’t always set them consciously: I’ll start taking the steps towards what I want to achieve, and I’ll achieve it, often without realising it’s what I’m aiming to do. It works for me. It always has. So it irritates me when I’m forced to do a more structured form of something that I’m already good at.

I also didn’t appreciate having a careers and employment presentation. We’ve been at university for less than a month, and we’re being told to consider where our degrees will take us. Honestly? This is just a bit of fun for me. I like learning, and there weren’t any job vacancies or available flats in Swindon that grabbed my attention. I’m literally just using university to fill up the time, so if I leave here and start working in McDonald’s? No skin off my nose.

Taken in for questioning:

After my lesson, I picked up my post – the lovely package shown at the top, sent by one of my old work colleagues – and set about doing my work. Reading a couple of chapters of a set text and annotating a play, I then set up my printer and completed my goal setting exercise. No use in putting off the inevitable.

(I probably should have been starting the creative writing assignment that’s due on Wednesday, but I can do that tomorrow…)

Deciding to get some food, I wandered into the kitchen… And as soon as I’d gotten my bowl out of my cupboard, one of my flatmates entered the room.

“Quiz night?” she asked.

I opened my mouth, already coming up with multiple excuses as to why I couldn’t join in.

“Sure,” I said, putting the bowl back in the cupboard and taking a seat.

Say it with me now: WHAT?!


In fact, it’s past midnight and we’ve only just finished hanging out. There were lots and lots of people I’ve never seen before as well as my flatmates, who I don’t really know that well. It should have been a recipe for disaster, but it was fine. We laughed, we joked, we did a quiz in teams and then played Cards Against Humanity… It was FUN. I HAD FUN IN MY FLAT’S KITCHEN. THIS IS A MIRACLE.

Honestly, this should have been one of my goals. It was the simplest thing in the world – just saying yes instead of no, for once – and now I have the option of saying yes in the future. (If they invite me again, and why wouldn’t they? I was normal! I was myself, and that worked for me!).

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this proud of myself. Hopefully this’ll continue tomorrow, when I’m heading into London to attend Hodderscape’s Dodocon17. Wish me luck!

  • Barb(Boxermommyreads)

    Congrats on having a fun quiz night. Sometimes agreeing to something is the hard part and you should be proud! Glad your Mom’s surgery went well and you boyfriend’s flight was safe – that was a lot of stress at once!