UniDiary Day 10: On the road again…


Yesterday, I told you that my mum was in hospital. Today, she had major surgery, and it’s going to take her a while to recover. As soon as she told me she had to have an operation, I wanted to rush straight home. I had something I needed to do first, though.

He’s what I go to school for:

My mind was buzzing with worry about my mum. I reluctantly packed my bag and headed towards my first creative writing workshop. My mum would never forgive me if I skipped the first session because of her. As soon as I entered the building, another lecturer accosted me, suggesting setting up Whatsapp groups for my classes. Walking in two minutes late because I couldn’t escape, I awkwardly slid into the seat closest to the door.

Within seconds, I fell head over heels in love with my lecturer. Imagine Matty from The 1975, but less pretentious and more likely to exclaim, “Holy crap!”. THIS is what university is supposed to be like: cool, down-to-earth lecturers effortlessly selling their subjects.

I was laughing at his jokes, making suggestions and eagerly participating in the group discussions. During that two-hour window, my worries disappeared.

I’ve packed my bag, it’s in the trunk:

Not to run away with the hunky lecturer, but to race across town to the train station. My boyfriend phoned me when I arrived there, wanting an update on the situation, and I shocked him by saying I was just getting on the train. It’s not like me to change my plans so rapidly, but it was necessary.

Speeding towards Kings Cross, I took the time to read ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen – again. I studied it way back during my A levels, but starting on Tuesday we’re exploring it in my English Literature lectures and seminars. I’m enjoying it more this time around than I did previously, but it’s difficult to see anything new. We studied it REALLY deeply last time, and this time we’re only dwelling on it for two weeks.

Getting into Paddington just after 3pm, I booked the train home. I was very impressed by the sign that they had in the station (showed at the top of the post). I’m not sure why they decided to display in this Friday, instead of next Friday… But it was still a funny discovery.

Locked in the waiting room:

Rushing to the hospital, I spent an hour and a half with my mum before she was wheeled away. The doctors and nurses seemed confident, but I have terrible anxiety… So yeah, more than a little worried. I’m staying at my boyfriend’s house and he’s helping me stay distracted, but I’m not going to relax until I receive some news. Mum said she’d try and text me after the surgery, but god knows if she’ll be able to do that.

Tomorrow, the boyfriend is flying to America, but I’m going to stay in Swindon until Monday so I can help out around the house. We don’t even know if mum will be home by then. So much is up in the air, so I’m trying to take it day by day.

There might not be any UniDiary updates over the weekend, but I’ll pick this up again on Monday. Hopefully I’ll have some happy news for you all. Until then, keep your fingers (and toes) crossed that my mum makes a speedy recovery.