UniDiary Day 9: Lights, camera, action!

Books on film
Starting film:

As I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve read any of my UniDiary entries so far, I was having some trouble with my module choices. Originally, I wanted to take journalism. They told me I had to add another subject. It was impossible to choose between film and creative writing, because I wanted to do both. After that request was declined, it was time to cut a subject. Choosing to drop film, I regretted my decision almost instantly… And yesterday, finally managed to resolve it by switching out of journalism. Whoop!

That’s why I had to crawl out of bed at 6am this morning. Yawn. Last night I missed the ‘Mulholland Drive’ screening (to attend the interview for the library job which I didn’t get – phew). I got halfway through watching it┬ábefore falling asleep last night, so I had to wake up ridiculously early to get it finished before my 9am lecture. It’s… Trippy. There’s no other word for it. I’ve seen a lot of films in my life, but never one like ‘Mulholland Drive’.

Mulholland Drive
See? Even the film poster is unusual

You can see at the top of this post the size of the book haul I got from the library after the lecture, though. It’s been so long since I’ve studied media, but it all came flooding back: semiotics, diagetic and non-diagetic sounds, disequilibrium… And I remembered just how much I loved learning about it all back in the good old days.

Ready for romance:

Later, it was time for more English literature. Attending our first workshop, I instantly fell in love with the tutor. She’s hilarious. It’s obvious that she loves English, and that makes me love learning from her. Even though there’s a week until our next session, I’ve already done half of the assigned reading.

Learning about romanticism means studying poetry. That’s my least favourite thing EVER. I hate studying poems even more than I hate studying plays, so needing to do both? Blegh.

But, honestly? It wasn’t that bad. Despite struggling with poetry, after reading the lines two or three times ideas popped out at me. They’re not all literary – they’re probably not all even relevant – but I’m proud of myself for throwing everything I had at this challenge.

Annotated poetry
See? That amount of annotating is not too shabby at all!

(Also I gave a couple of answers that the tutor kept referring back to: surely that’s a good sign?!)

Home, let me go home:

I bet you’re thinking, “Why does she want to go home when she’s enjoying her lectures? Are her flatmates really that bad?”. Well, no. The truth is, I decided to start being brave and using the kitchen. I’ve had more food in the last two days than I have since I moved here, and I’ve even met another flatmate (and learnt the name of a sixth one, meaning there’s just one to go! Who’d have thought I had a Swiss exchange student sleeping on the other side of my bedroom wall?!). One of my flatmates even told me he’d been worried because he’d hardly seen me all week. What a sweetie.

So, why do I want to go home? Because my mum is in the hospital. I feel fucking useless being stuck here. Yes, I’d feel useless there, but at least I would BE there. She’s staying in overnight so that she can have some scans in the morning, and hopefully they’ll bring good news. I just wish I could give her a cuddle. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, reading my set texts and annotating my poetry, but it’s hard to stop myself from dwelling on it.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to give you good news tomorrow. Now I just need to try to turn my brain off and get some shut eye…