UniDiary Day 8: She took the morning bus, going to London

After yesterday’s WordPress shenanigans, I’ve finally been able to get back in to my account. Phew. That means I won’t be blogging on my phone for the foreseeable future. If this still hadn’t been working, I definitely would have been having a terrible day.

So yeah, let’s talk about that…

5:15am – Boarding the Bus:

Waking up at half four, I stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. Brush teeth, wash face, clothes on, ready to go. Well, almost ready… Just had to wait for the boyfriend to get up, just before five. I was anxious in case I missed the bus, knowing that I needed to get in to London, across London and out to Letchworth before 9:30am, when my interview began.

Thankfully, we made it (with minutes to spare, but still). Kissing him goodbye, I was proud. For the first time since leaving for university, I didn’t cry. Making progress.

I’ve been suffering from migraines again since I came to university. Whether that’s the general atmosphere, lack of food or influx of stress, I have no idea yet. I’m hoping to figure it out over the next couple of weeks and get a handle on it. But because the migraine was still burning behind my eyes, I drew the curtain, flopping face down on my backpack to try and get a little bit more sleep.

7:45am – Arrival time:

We were late. Huh. The driver hadn’t said anything, but with traffic building up around us I pulled back the curtain to take a peak. “Accident!” the big florescent orange sign said. It might as well have said “Don’t go this way!”, because that’s what it meant. But the driver decided to keep heading towards the scene of the crime… Until he got turned back, and had to drive for over half an hour in the direction he’d just come from. Bummer.

I’m beginning to worry. It’s past eight, and I was hoping to get the train just before nine. Googling times, I realise that there’s a slightly later bus that will get me there just after my scheduled interview time. Phoning the Hertfordshire Council helpdesk, they say that’ll be fine: the library I’m being interviewed at doesn’t actually open until 10am. I have some leeway.

It seems I’m the only one who does, though. Two seats in front of me, a mother turns to her two children and tells them they’re no longer going to be going to Disneyland. Hysterics begin. There’s shouting (mostly from the mother…) and my pulse begins to throb between my eyes. Time to try to sleep again.

9:00am – Together we made it:

Arriving just over an hour late, the bus driver didn’t make any friends when he announced, “We got there eventually!”. Yeah, mate. If you hadn’t been stubborn and kept driving towards the ACCIDENT! warned on the signs, we would have been there a lot bloody faster.

I know, I know. They have routes that they need to stick to. But come on! Use your initiative.

Phoning the helpdesk again, I was told that my interviewers were aware of my situation. I should keep travelling across London, get on that train to Letchworth, and hope for the best, despite the fact that I would be arriving at the same time my scheduled interview hour would end.

10:20am – Did she get off the train?!:

My phone rings. It’s an unknown number, and I don’t recognise it. Surprisingly, it was one of my interviewers. She asked if I could attend the interview at 4:30pm instead. Of course, I said yes. And then realised that I was already in Stevenage, and I should probably get off of the train and turn around.

If I hadn’t been offered that reprieve, I would have missed more than just my interview. I managed to make it to my English Literature lecture with less than a minute to spare. There’s no chance that I could have made that if I’d gone all the way to Letchworth.

English Literature anthology
Look at how cool this anthology is! I can’t wait to dive in and discover the Romantics.

Something to remember: never trust public transport.

So, how did it go?:

You’ll be happy to hear that I made it to my 4:30pm interview early. Like I was going to miss arriving late twice in one day! The library manager was also happy to see me, and the interview went so quickly that I left the library at 4:40pm, ten minutes after it should have started.

I’m not sure how it went. I answered all of their questions, most of them competently but all of them confidently. I’m good at working in libraries, so when I get the opportunity to talk about all of my weird and wonderful experiences over the last two years, I’m happy to share them.

Sadly, as soon as I left the interview a random older man started hitting on me, so that put a dampener on the day. My friends often ask me why I don’t dress up more often, because I enjoy wearing dresses and heels but I LIVE in band t-shirts. That’s pretty much why. Asking where I lived and commenting about how much he liked my outfit, he joked that he’d need to visit the library a lot more if I was working there. Faking a phone call, I sprinted to safety. Eurgh.

I’ll keep you updated as to whether I get the job or not: I should be hearing back from them at some point tomorrow.

Because of the interview, I missed the screening of ‘Mulholland Drive’ that I needed to attend for my film class. Yep, that film class which I’ve only just managed to transfer into. I’m off to a great start! Despite the fact that I’m extremely sleepy, I’m going to try to get the film watched now. The film lecture is at 9am tomorrow, so it’s another early start.

Notebook and pen
Ready to slide into bed with this sexy beast.