UniDiary Day 7: Entering English

This is going to be a fairly low-tech entry, as – for some reason – my laptop won’t let me access WordPress. Sigh.

I’m lying in bed next to my boyfriend, typing as quickly as I can on my phone. Because I was worried about my English lecture and potentially missing my train today, I didn’t sleep yesterday. Anxiety is a bitch. But I made it, so that’s something!

Introduction to Theatre:

My first official lecture began at 9am, catapulting me into my university studies. As I hardly slept, I was a little delirious when I arrived. I made a lot of notes but hardly took anything in… I’m looking forward to revisiting them tomorrow.

The seminar was much more fun, though. Studying an unseen text – an excerpt of a play called ‘Blue Orange’ – I was reminded of exactly why I loved studying English. Collaborating with people I didn’t know, brainstorming and exploring the piece… It was so much fun.

Next week, we’re studying ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen, which I’ve already studied for a year. Having that headstart is nice, but I’m looking forward to revisiting it. With another three years of life experience, I’ll certainly discover things I didn’t see before.

Changing my mind:

Yesterday, I decided to email the film studies lecturer. I wanted to double check that it was okay to take the subject as an elective. Nothing would be worse than turning up and being told I shouldn’t be there!

The reply I receive contained a surprise, though. Along with the lecturer’s details was a note telling me that I couldn’t take it as an elective, and would need to drop another subject.

Now, ordinarily, this would have annoyed me. I was told I could turn up and attend the lectures, and now the story was getting changed AGAIN?! But just a couple of hours before this emailed, I was notified of the fact that the journalism lectures were all going to be three hours. Three hours, between 5pm and 8pm.

I don’t know about anyone else taking the course, but I have a life. I’m not dedicating such a huge chunk of my life to a course which isn’t even officially accredited. So I’ve emailed, notifying both lecturers that I’ve changed my mind and want to study film instead.

What next?:

Well, hopefully they’ll respond and I’ll be able to switch. It’s been causing me nothing but a headache, and now I’ve made my final decision I’m hoping that it will take a weight off of my shoulders.

I’m getting the bus back to London ridiculously early tomorrow. First of all, I’m going to an interview in Letchworth, then I have another English lecture in the afternoon. After that? Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.