UniDiary Day 6: Class begins

Engaging With the Humanities begins
A recap:

I told you on Thursday┬áthat I was heading home for the weekend, and that’s exactly what I did. On Friday, we had an introduction to the Learning Resources Centre, followed by the Freshers Fair. Things I learnt?

  1. Don’t go to Freshers Fair straight after it begins. Being in close contact with that many people at once almost caused me to break out in hives. Think tubes at rush hour are crowded? You’re wrong. You don’t know what crowded means.
  2. DJ booths in marquee tents are a terrible idea, and make me far less likely to sign up to societies. Why’s there such an overpowering amount of dance music everywhere? I miss guitars.
  3. Academic Twitter accounts apparently don’t need to know the difference between “its” and “it’s”.
  4. It’s (see, I know the difference!) fine to give students contradictory information within the first week of their higher education. Can we borrow books for 52 weeks or 99 weeks? Do they automatically renew, or do we have to remember to renew them manually? One of these is real, but one of these is #fakenews.
  5. There’s an INSANE focus on preventing STIs on university campuses. I’ve never had so many people approach me offering free sexual health checks at their clinic. No, thank you.

My friend and I ran around the entire fair within half an hour, before I scampered off to the train station. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

All my friends are heathens:

A train, a tube and a bus journey later, I was back in Swindon. Running across town to my boyfriend’s flat, I refused to let him go for a solid five minutes. I almost caused him to burn the chicken and potatoes that he was cooking for us!

We decided to head out to meet up with some friends, as they were planning on meeting at a pub nearby. Arriving at the pub, we were surprised that we couldn’t see them through the window… And after a brief phone call, discovered that they’d decided to go to McDonald’s, despite knowing that we were on the way. Groan!

The return to normality was hard to deal with at first. I’ve been missing everyone so much this week, and getting to see their stupid faces was a tad overwhelming. Ridiculous to think that I’ve got another six months of this…

I stayed at the boyfriend’s house Friday night, before his brand new, king-sized bed was delivered on Saturday. It’s literally the biggest bed I’ve ever seen. It could easily fit six people, that’s how wide it is! Watching him build it was an experience, though: he’s such a manly man when he’s struggling with a screwdriver <3

Sorcery on Sofas:

Saturday night was our second Sorcery on Sofas meeting: Dungeons and Dragons, in a cozy home environment. Some drama drama kicked off with some other friends just before the session began, so there was an unproductive half an hour period of ranting and raging, but when we got on with the game it was a lot of fun. So many sandwiches, cakes and biscuits were passed around: as a poor student who’s hardly been eating, I thought my stomach was going to explode!

My character got first kill, burning a man to death (I’m a red Dragonborn) before decapitating another and glorying in his blood. It was nice to get the action started, because last week was just introductions and learning about the world that we’d been dropped into.

Our next session is on the 28th of October. I can’t wait to see who I kill next!

Back to the grind:

I returned to Hatfield late last night, blogging for a little bit before having a very disturbed night’s sleep. Tomorrow, I need to return to Swindon for a doctor’s appointment at 2:45pm. I was meant to be having my first seminar at 11am but requested attend the 10am session, so that I’d enough time to travel back. It’s a nightmare, needing to ask for special treatment on the first freaking day.

My first Engaging With the Humanities lecture was at 3pm. It was just a basic introduction session with some discussion, but we ended up getting “homework” set at the end of it. It seems the hard work really begins now. (Honestly? I missed what the assignment was. How? I have no idea. I’m lucky that everything’s uploaded to the online interface, or I would be screwed).

Ending the day by seeing blessthefall at Camden Underworld, I only actually got back about fifteen minutes ago. I missed the last bus to campus by one minute, and I’m too stubborn to get a taxi so I had a half an hour trek across town. At least it means I’ll be well rested for my lecture and seminar tomorrow, because I am exhausted!

I only managed to get one (vaguely) clear photo of blessthefall, because Beau Bokan never stands still and my phone hates that. Sigh.