UniDiary Day 2: Mayday Parade

I wasn’t kidding yesterday when I said I was going to be sleep deprived today.

Time stood still:

A thunderstorm woke me up just after 1am, and within fifteen minutes drunk flatmates were screaming in the hallway. Tossing and turning, I considered opening my door and screaming at them. That’s the way to make a good impression, right?

“If they’re still being loud in five minutes,” I thought to myself, “I’ll go and speak to them.” Crossing my fingers, I hoped that the noise would stop… And I think another flatmate went out and spoke to them, because they moved off. Phew.

That didn’t mean I could sleep, though. Tangled in my duvet cover, my earrings kept catching on my pillowcases and then sun began to seep through the blinds. Dozing for a couple of hours, I groaned when my alarm went off at 7:30am. It was time to embark on my first day of higher education.

A Swindon sandwich:

Meeting the tutor who’ll guide me through ‘Engaging With the Humanities’ (a pretentious way of saying “Learning to Learn the Humanities”), I was surrounded by fresh faces who seemed as sleep deprived as I was. The tutor asked if we’d had a good first night’s sleep. We all shook our heads.

Making a Donald Trump joke within five minutes of meeting her, I instantly adored Kate. I’m actually kind of looking forward to the Engaging With the Humanities lessons, particularly because my classmates seem nice. The first person I spoke to is trying to take a similar combination to me – switching English Literature with English Language – and she also comes from Swindon! What a strange coincidence?!

Before we walked into the lecture hall for the first time, Kate stopped us in the hallway and made us form two lines and face each other. Commanding that we ask the stranger opposite us a question, my mind went completely blank. What the heck could I ask her? Well, she broke the silence, joking, “How are you?”. We’ve been Facebooking for most of the night – she has a pet owl, and has been sending me pictures – so I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

The Imitation Game:

Introductions happened. Honestly, I can’t remember the names of anyone we were introduced to (apart from Tim and Lynn, the best double act since Ant and Dec). Then it was time to watch a film, which was *drum roll…* ‘The Imitation Game’. Yawn.

Okay, not yawn to the film itself. Yawn to Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Why is he cast in EVERY SINGLE ROLE?! I’m not watching ‘The Child in Time’ anymore, because he’s the lead. There are a huge range of white male actors. The same one doesn’t need to get picked constantly.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the film. At times I almost forgot that it was Benedict Cumberbatch, if that makes any sense! I didn’t know much about Alan Turing, but I’m fascinated by his story now. I’m also considering taking the Film Studies modules… Analysing the film was a lot of fun, and I can see myself doing it more.

Mayday! Mayday!:

Sprinting out at the end of the discussion, I started trying to find my way to the train station. A giant clock was ticking in the back of my mind, infuriatingly speeding up when I took a wrong turn, and then crossed a road at the wrong intersection. Dammit. Waiting endlessly at the stop I eventually found, I missed the train I was intending to get… But the next one was pretty soon afterwards, so it wasn’t a HUGE obstacle.

Running through the tube, I made it to the Paddington platform with a minute to spare. Arriving at Paddington, I logged into the ticket machine and tried to buy my single to Oxford, promptly purchasing the wrong ticket type. Double dammit! Luckily the man in the ticket office was majorly helpful, charging me a slight fee but amending my ticket so I was able to get my train. Phew.

Mum met me outside the Oxford train station, and we made it to the venue a couple of minutes after All Get Out started. At some point this week I’ll review the show, but I can say it was a really fun night. Well worth the journey. I’m writing this sat in the McDonald’s in Oxford, waiting for my 1am National Express bus to zoom me all the way back to Hatfield. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight… If I can get into my room without needing to call security!

(Pictures will be added to this blog post tomorrow: for some reason my phone is not obeying me tonight…)