TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five fancasts

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Fancasting is difficult. Sometimes you’ll find an actor who perfectly fits the character description in all ways but one. Then there’s someone who embodies the spirit of the character, but looks absolutely nothing like them. If I was casting these five films, I would make sure to get these actors on board, because they’re the best fits I can think of.

5) Georgie Henley as Evie – ‘Am I Normal Yet?’ by Holly Bourne

Georgie Henley

Best known for playing Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia film, Georgie is already loved by YA fans. Something about her look really reminds me of Evie, and ‘Am I Normal Yet?’ is such an important exploration of OCD and anxiety that it would be great to see it on the big screen. It also promotes feminism to young girls: what could be better than that?!

4) Troye Sivan as Adam Thorn – ‘Release’ by Patrick Ness

Troye Sivan

I’m not a fan of Troye Sivan, but I think it’s important to hire a gay actor to portray Adam. Troye matches the description of him perfectly, but I’m not sure I’d be interested in watching a film with him as the lead.

3) Tim Borrmann as Levi – ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell

Tim Borrmann

Tim Borrmann looks EXACTLY how I imagined Levi. Put him in some workmen’s jeans and a plaid shirt, and he’s ready to go. The only catch? It looks as though Tim favours modelling over acting, and he’s German, which Levi definitely isn’t.

2) Holland Roden as America Singer – Kiera Cass’s Selection series

Holland Roden

Throughout ‘The Selection’, America constantly mentions how plain and boring she looks. Everyone falls at her feet because she’s drop dead gorgeous, but she can’t see it. It’s so ironic, so you’d need to have someone absolutely stunning – someone like Holland – portraying her, to really show how delusional she is. Also, this pose is so similar to the cover of ‘The One’!

1) Skyler Day as Kestrel – Marie Rutkoski’s Winner’s trilogy

Skyler Day

Put a sword in Skyler’s hand and make her wear an inappropriately fancy ballgown, and you’ve got Kestrel down to a tee. I haven’t seen her act, but fingers crossed she’d be able to portray badass Kestrel as she fights against society.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! If you could choose an actor to play one of your favourite characters, who would you choose and why?