Everything Everything – Sound Knowledge, Marlborough, 20/08/17

Everything Everything

When I stumbled into¬†Everything Everything‘s tent at Reading festival two years ago, I was blown away. Sadly, I couldn’t stick around for long, because the Manchester four-piece clashed with some of my all time favourite artists. As soon as they were added to this year’s line-up, I planned to watch their entire set.

Because of that, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when Sound Knowledge announced they’d booked the indie rockers for an intimate set. Promoting the release of fourth album, ‘A Fever Dream’, you won’t often get the chance to see a band like Everything Everything in a venue this small. Despite the horrendous weather, a huge crowd gathered outside the doors of Cafe Thirty8. Even the pouring rain couldn’t dampen the anticipation buzzing in the air.

Playing a mixture of material from their last three albums, Everything Everything crafted the perfect setlist. Squeezing in hit singles ‘Regret’ and ‘Distant Past’, fan favourite ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ and older song ‘Cough Cough’, they didn’t disappoint members of the audience who’ve been following them for years. Singing, clapping and dancing along to every word, the crowd were the most energetic I’ve ever seen at a Sound Knowledge show.

Hearing material from ‘A Fever Dream’, which was released last Friday, was the real treat.

A Fever Dream by Everything Everything

Johnathan Higgs’ signature falsetto is sounding stronger than ever. The ridiculously high notes laced throughout ‘Desire’ sound impossible on the studio version, but they’re even more impressive live. Meanwhile, the other three members perform harmonious backing vocals that make the band sound like the coolest barbershop quartet in history.

Combine that with their bouncy basslines and energetic electronica, and it shows that the band are utterly fun. You can’t resist bobbing your head or wiggling your hips, even in a small room like this one. ‘Ivory Tower’ and ‘Can’t Do’ were highlights: both get stuck in your head the second they start, with their repetitive yet intricate lyrics.

If you haven’t listened to Everything Everything yet, what are you waiting for? 2015’s ‘Get To Heaven’ was impressive, but ‘A Fever Dream’ is about to launch them into the stratosphere. They’re a band you shouldn’t miss if you’re attending Reading or Leeds festival this weekend. The energy was high at this intimate set, but a festival is going to take all every song to the next level.


Night of the Long Knives
Cough Cough
Run The Numbers
Ivory Tower
Can’t Do
Distant Past
Big Game