TRAVEL THURSDAY: Five travel traditions

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Another week, another visit from New Zealander AJ. This week, he’s telling us all about his five travel traditions, which he suggests you start doing. I don’t condone any of this behaviour…

I work night shifts, so I don’t often get much of a routine. Go to bed when I finish work (which could be anywhere between 10pm and 6am), wak up when I’m not tired anymore, do all the hygiene and housework shit when I feel like it… So perhaps it sounds a bit less insane that I have routines during an activity that most people do to get away from routine.

Every single trip I go on will include one of these five travel traditions, if the city or town is new to me.

Getting Absolutely Maggotted:

Anyone who knows me knows that I love cocktails and those fancy girl drinks, but I don’t drink much. This changes when I’m on the road. Me and my mate made it our mission on one road trip to try to find the girliest cocktail in every bar that we want to, and when he won with a frothy pink gin drink, I’ve continued the tradition in my own travels. I’m training to become a bartender as well, so it doesn’t hurt finding a few recipes!

Don’t Want to be an Adventuring Idiot:

It’s a bit nerdy, but I will always cram a visit into a museum while I’m visiting a new city. True, Australian and New Zealand cities are pretty straightforward. Was owned by natives, British came with guns, shit went down. However, it’s still incredibly interesting and gets me in the habit for when I visit Vietnam or anywhere in Europe. As old mate Littlefinger says, knowledge is power.

Using Multi-Million Dollar Satellites to find Tupperware in a Forest:


Of course, I’m talking about Geocaching. I got into the hobby through a friend and I’ve never looked back. For those out of the loop, Geocaching is like a global treasure hunt. All through the world, people have left bits of paper inside boxes, teddy bears, under rocks, whatever, and they log it into a GPS system on an app. It’s up to you to find it, and log your discovery. I don’t often find geocaches but that’s okay, as most of the time the walk will take me to some hidden secret in the city. I love that.

All About Dem Thigh Gains, Bro:

If I’ve got time, I’ll try walk around as much of the city as I can, going wherever interests me. I’m like a kid: if I see something shiny, I’ll make a beeline to it. Sometimes it gets me in a bit of trouble – I’ve mentioned the stab attic before, and I’ve also ended up in a whorehouse – but for the most part it is well worth it. Also, it’s good exercise for someone who lives in his bed (especially in “What are all these roads also hills?!” Auckland).

I’ll Just Dip Into My Savings Once…:

This is a tradition that I don’t intend to have, but somehow it’s stuck. Every time I travel I give myself a couple of hundred dollars of spending money. Turns out, a couple of hundred isn’t enough. I hemorrhage through my money like a Wellington bar patron going through shots of horse semen. Looking at my bank is the single most terrifying experience I have after a trip. Proper nightmares.

DISCLAIMER: Alyce isn’t liable if you decide to follow AJ’s advice and end up in horrendous debt with liver damage. Travel with care, my friends, and look after yourself well enough that you can come back to check out next week’s Travel Thursday!