TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten books I’d read again for the first time

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Hello, and welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday! Sadly, official topics are still on hold for another couple of weeks. This week, I’ve stolen a topic from BookLoversBlog. I loved the post that they released a fortnight ago, and I knew I had to use the topic myself at some point.

We’ve all been there. You discover a new favourite book, try to reread it a couple of years later and the magic is gone. Either that, or you can still remember all of the twists and turns. You’re trying to reabsorb yourself, but your stupid brain keeps dropping spoilers!

These ten books are absolute favourites of mine. I’m scared to reread any of them, just in case they’re dreadful second time around.

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10) ‘Fallen Angel‘ by Heather Terrell

Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell

This could be any number of angel books. Back in the day, I loved Lauren Kate’s ‘Fallen’, Becca Fitzpatrick’s ‘Hush, Hush’, and Heather Terrell’s duology. They’re books I can’t physically bring myself to read again, because they look so damned cringey. But at the time, I gave all of them five stars. If I could experience one for the first time again, it would be ‘Fallen Angel’.

9) ‘Beautiful Creatures‘ by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

At the time, I thought ‘Beautiful Creatures’ was the best thing since sliced bread. I know I’d struggle to reread it, because my memories would be full of that godawful adaptation… I wish I could wipe all four books (and the film!) from my memory, so that I could experience it again for the first time.

8) ‘1984‘ by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell

When I read ‘1984’ for the first time, I hardly read classics. It’s a book I’d love to read again, but the problem is that it still reminds me of dragging myself through it first time around. I loved ‘Animal Farm’, and that’s another book I’m going to read again… But I wish I’d left ‘1984’ until I was a bit more mature and could appreciate it properly.

7) ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower‘ by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

There’s something magical about ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’. It literally pulls you into the page. Told in a purely epistolary fashion, Charlie is such a relatable character. I’d love to read this for the first time again, and then FINALLY watch the film.

6) ‘Atonement‘ by Ian McEwan

Atonement by Ian McEwan

‘Atonement’ was a recommendation from a friend, and it was the book that got me into adult fiction. It’s the only Ian McEwan novel I’ve enjoyed so far. I’ve read a lot of his other works, but the rest of his novels are honestly shit shows compared to ‘Atonement’. I would read it again anyway, but because I can clearly remember the twist at the end it’ll never be as effective as that first time.

5) ‘Beautiful Broken Things‘ by Sara Barnard

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

‘Beautiful Broken Things’ is one of my favourite books, but I only gave it four stars. It’s a book I want to read again, but I haven’t got the time. When I first read it, I was extremely ill. I had a day off of work, and I curled up under a blanket and read it while fading in and out of consciousness. If I’d been in a better place, it definitely would have been a five star read.

4) ‘Retribution‘ by Jilliane Hoffman

Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman

‘Retribution’ was the first crime novel I read. I was far too young, but I borrowed it from the library anyway: it had a pretty butterfly on the cover! I remember being thrilled and repelled in equal intensities. Every time a new Jilliane Hoffman book came out, I flew through it. I’d love to reread ‘Retribution’ for the first time, so I didn’t already know who did it!

3) ‘Divergent‘ by Veronica Roth

Divergent by Veronica Roth

I keep intending to reread ‘Divergent’, but knowing how terrible the series gets later on… I can’t bring myself to do it. I’d love to erase my memories of the series and reread the first book. At the time I thought it was the perfect dystopian, so it would be interesting to see if I still loved it as much after reading so many more titles in the genre.

2) ‘Entangled‘ by Cat Clarke

Entangled by Cat Clarke

‘Entangled’ was the book that made me start reading again. I sat and read it in one sitting, tears streaming down my face. Now I read so much, I’m not sure whether it would deeply move me anymore. If I could read this again for the first time, I’d jump at the chance.

1) ‘Looking For Alaska‘ by John Green

Looking For Alaska by John Green

‘Looking For Alaska’ is the only John Green novel that I LOVED. All of his other novels have just seemed average in comparison. I’ve vaguely enjoyed them, but none of them have gripped me like his debut. It’s the one John Green book that I’d read again for the first time, so I could experience all of the emotions.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Are there any books that you wish you could read again for the first time?

  • Barb(Boxermommyreads)

    This is a great topic and maybe I snag this one for next week. I have books I’d love to read again for the first time. The ones that immediately come to mind are Written in Red by Anne Bishop and Menagerie by Rachel Vincent. I remember reading Beautiful Creatures and really liking it but then seeing the movie and that ended my run. It’s a shame because I loved the setting in that book and always considered continuing on.

    • Ooh, I haven’t heard of Menagerie, and I thought I owned most of Rachel Vincent’s books (even though I haven’t read most of them yet!). Still need to read Written in Red – I’m looking forward to experiencing it for the first time myself 😛