TRAVEL THURSDAY: Quick Fire Questions With a Chav and a Bogan

Angkor Wat

When AJ invited me to answer some quick fire questions for this week’s blog post, I considered refusing. I don’t travel, so it’s embarrassing to be asked questions about it. But I bravely participated anyway. I’ll let AJ introduce the feature, while I die of mortification in the corner…

This week I’ve teamed up with two incredible people to partake in some quick fire travel questions. Let me introduce them. First up, the lovely Briton, Alyce – more familiar with books than she is with travel. Next we have my best mate Hayden, stepping in with his Australian wisdom to answer the slightly more… international questions.

1) What’s your favourite place so far?

AJ: Queenstown, by far. I love the alcohol scene, and there are some very unique bars down there. On top of that, there’s a lot of adrenaline-based stuff, which is my fetish. There’s just so much to do in such a picturesque little corner of the world.

Alyce: When you’re driving into London on the M4, approaching the Hammersmith Flyover. From that vantage point you can see the entirety of London spread before you: the suburbs with their manicured front lawns, the high-rise towers teeming with life, even the Wembley Stadium arch, standing proud in the far distance. The amount of potential that you can see in that snapshot gives me a swoopy feeling in my stomach, no matter how many times I experience it.

2) If you could swim with dolphins or go shark diving, which would you pick?

AJ: Shark diving. Dolphins are a bit too rapey.

Alyce: Dolphins. What do you think I am, suicidal?

3) What place is top of your bucket list?

AJ: Changes every week, but tonight it’s watching fire dancers perform in Honolulu, Hawaii! Mostly because flights are super cheap for me at the moment. It’s teasing me.

Hayden: London is top because I am a huge sports nut. Especially watching the Ashes at Lords, or going to Wimbledon. To be honest, after visiting Tokyo nothing’s been daylights ahead of anything else. I just want to go everywhere.

AlyceThe south of France. It sounds like a beautiful place to get away from everyday life. Would help me decompress!

4) What can’t you travel without?

AJ: GoPro, phone, laptop, and chargers.

Alyce: Can’t travel without my phone – my mum would die of worry.

5) Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

AJ: Solo travel mostly. It allows me to explore at my own pace and do things I want to do, instead of lugging around a ball and chain. If the people I’m with are into similar things, though, it makes it so much better.

Alyce: Solo travelling. Travelling is bloody stressful at the best of times, but with my group of friends it’s like trying to herd sheep through the tube station!

6) Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat?

AJ: Machu Picchu by the narrowest of margins. Even though I would be exhausted after climbing all of those stairs…

HaydenBoth. But Angkor Wat stands out more to me, as I’ve been more videos on it. Cambodia seems like a better place to visit than Peru.

Angkor Wat
The temples of Angkor Wat are preferred by one Australian
7) What home comfort do you miss the most when on the road?

AJ: My own bed. There’s nothing more amazing that coming home from a busy couple of weeks and getting into a familiar bed.

Alyce: My fluffy socks. I never seem to pack them when I go somewhere, and I always end up wishing I did.

8) Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far?

AJ: Flying from Cairns to Sydney, I met this incredible American who sails the world. He did geographic research in his spare time, which required him to camp inside a volcano. Some of the stories he told me (and the Dutch fellow sat next to us) were incredibly interesting. Amongst them was drinking with an honest-to-God Ninja, and watching an ice bridge collapse with a 12-year-old stood on it.

Alyce: AJ. He’s a knob. (AJ edit: See, now I feel bad that the first person I picked was a strange on a place and not you. Alyce edit: It was a joke, I didn’t think you’d actually use that answer you idiot.)

9) What’s been your scariest moment?

AJ: Got in a bit of drama in Brisbane and was nearly rendered homeless. Was three days away from it happening when an acquaintance helped me out.

Hayden: When I landed in Japan I was worried because everything was in Japanese, and I wasn’t sure how to order food. But I was tired and delirious, and after a sleep I realized everything had an English menu anyway.

10) What was your most embarrassing moment?

AJ: I locked my keys inside my travel bag by mistake at the YHA Hostel in Cairns. I had to go to the hotel receptionist to get the lock broken off with some bolt-cutters…

Alyce: I was absolutely convinced the train home from Cardiff was going to crash, so I cried for three hours prior to the departure time from sheer anxiety.

Ten questions down, a bunch more to go. Check back over the next couple of weeks for more answers to AJ’s quick fire questions!


  • Jane Wrexton

    This is an interesting and refreshing dynamic. The intrepid adventurer and the stay-at-home collaborating in such a contrasting manner. I look forward to enjoying the future editions, I just wish this one was a bit longer. Alyce, you did great hun, don’t worry.