TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five children’s favourites

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When I was younger, I read all of the time. Books stuck to me like glue: whenever I went to the library, I walked away with more titles than I’d be physically able to read in the loan period.

That means when it comes to topics that are focused on favourite children’s titles, I could write for days. I could talk about Daisy Meadows, and how I read all of the Rainbow Fairy books IN ORDER. Or Enid Blyton, whose Five Find-Outers series I still want to reread. Or Michael Morpurgo, who both bored and enchanted me in equal measure throughout the titles of his that I devoured.

It was impossible to narrow it down to just five children’s titles. I’ve cheated a little bit and chosen a couple of authors rather than specific books! But I’d loved reading all of these so much, and they all still impact on my reading choices today.

5) Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson

I probably would have placed Jacqueline Wilson higher on my list if I’d read more of her recent titles. When I was younger, I devoured every single book she released. I still remember crying through ‘Vicky Angel’ and ‘The Diamond Girls’, and being irrationally angry when I had to go to a neighbour’s party and was right in the middle of ‘Love Lessons’.

4) ‘Bindi Babes’ by Narinder Dhami

Bindi Babes by Narinder Dhami

I’d forgotten how much I loved ‘Bindi Babes’ until I spotted the sequel, ‘Bollywood Babes’, in a charity shop last month. I snapped it up, and I’m planning on buying the last two books in the series so that I can read them all. My school actually chose this as a classroom read – pretty progressive, when you look at the state of children’s publishing in the early 00’s! – and I loved learning about a new culture through such fun characters.

3) Lucy Daniels

Animal Ark

While researching this post, I discovered that Lucy Daniels didn’t actually exist. So thank you, Top Five Wednesday, for ruining my childhood…

But BEFORE I knew that Lucy Daniels was a pseudonym for a collection of authors gathered together by two guys who thought animal stories would sell well, I loved her. I picked up as many Animal Ark books as I could, reading all of the spin offs and reading a lot of the titles two or three times. Yes, it was formulaic (vets have to help animals in need!) but I love all animals, so getting to read stories about giraffes, dolphins and dogs all by the “same” author? HEAVEN.

2) Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

I was tempted to just talk about R.L. Stine as an author, but the reality is that I can’t remember many of his Point Horror books, and the recent installments of the Fear Street novels have really dampened my enjoyment of those. Goosebumps, however, are still held in high esteem. I haven’t risked rereading them, in case it ruins my love of the series, but I still have all of my cherished books, and I’m not going to be getting rid of them any time soon. R.L. Stine is the reason my horror standards are so high!

1) Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter

Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter

I’m primarily talking about the first series of Warrior Cats (aka Warriors). Each series is made up of six titles, and there are LOTS of series now. I’ve read some of the later books, but the first series really stick in my mind. I’m hoping to reread the early ones and eventually try the later ones, but I’m not in any rush to do this because I don’t want the magic to disappear as an adult.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! Leave your favourite childhood read in the comments below, and I’ll try and check out as many as physically possible.

  • Avery

    I have two things to say:
    I had entirely forgotten about the Bindi Babes and
    I’M SO GLAD SOMEONE ELSE PICKED ANIMAL ARK!!!! And also that someone else experienced the same extreme disappointment in finding out that Lucy Daniels doesn’t exist