TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five hate to love ships

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This week’s Top Five Wednesday is all about couples who used to hate each other. You know the ones: one minute they’re ripping each other’s throats out, the next second they’re tearing each other’s clothes off!

I found it difficult to choose ships for this topic. Most of the ships that instantly spring to mind are instalove… But I managed to scrape five together (even if some of them are a little tenuous!).

5) Destiel

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Okay, so Destiel aren’t officially a “thing”, but let’s sweep that under the carpet for the moment! When Dean first met Castiel, he was pretty aggro towards all angels. To be honest, he has his reasons: the majority of the angels in ‘Supernatural’ are completely useless. The fact that they’re now close friends (well, they were when I last watched it a few years ago…) makes them perfect for this topic.

4) Emison

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Again, Emison isn’t official on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (YET!). Emily had feelings for Alison very early in their friendship – feelings which have gone from hate to love multiple times. Alison is pretty infuriating! Meanwhile, Alison didn’t seem to feel like that towards Emily, but it looks like her feelings are changing too. She’s certainly less of a manipulative bitch towards her than she was at the beginning.

3) Klaroline

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Everyone hated Klaus at the start. He’s a murderous psychopath with little empathy and no self-control. Somehow, he gets under Caroline’s skin, and she finds herself falling for him. Sadly, their relationship didn’t last very long, but I have my hopes up that she’ll pop up in ‘The Originals’ and their romance will be rekindled.

2) Delena

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ is the BEST for angsty romances. Elena loves Stefan, Damon’s brother, and she absolutely HATES him when she meets him. He’s all mean and self-obsessed and doesn’t care about anyone… But then he falls in love with Elena, and it changes his entire character.

1) Clexa

Clexa gif

Clarke and Lexa are the leaders of two rival tribes. The fact that they managed to put their differences aside and fall for each other makes them my top hate to love ship. I just adore their coupling so much, it hurts my heart <3

Thank you for checking out this week’s Top Five Wednesday post! Can you think of any better hate to love ships that I could have featured?