INHEAVEN – Level III, Swindon, 22/06/17


Things have changed since I last saw Misfires. Instead of remaining Swindon’s best kept secret, they’ve been busily making a name for themselves in the indie scene. As well as being regularly featured on Spotify’s playlists, they’ve supported bands including The Hunna and The Sherlocks and sold out headline shows across the country.

It took me a little while to remember exactly why I fell in love with the four lads so quickly in the first place. At the start of their set, all of their songs were blending into each other. They’re good at writing radio-friendly hits, but the problem is that they sound rather generic: once you’ve heard one popular indie song, you’ve kind of heard them all.

Towards the end of their set, however, they showed the spark that grabbed my attention in the first place. With a little (and rather incongruous) moshpit breaking out towards the end of ’22’, the band seemed reinvigorated by the crowd’s response. Diving into ‘Come on Over’ and ‘Beacon’, the uptempo tracks reminded me of how fun I thought this band were when I first discovered them.

It’s exciting to see a Swindon band getting nationwide recognition, and I hope the support for Misfires continues to grow.


Coming Home
Indie Kids
Do You Wanna?
Come on Over


As YVES are also from Swindon, it was surprising that I hadn’t seen them before. One thing’s for certain: this might have been my first time seeing these indie kids, but it’s not going to be my last.

Frontman Harry Roke has a beautifully clear vocal tone, which is impossible to compare to anyone else. Their songs are catchy earworms that bury themselves in your mind and – though I’ve only heard them once – I’m still humming along to ‘Get Someone’ and ‘Want It All’ today.

Over the last couple of months, YVES have been regularly releasing new material. Hearing the contrast between first single ‘When the Day Comes’ and recent releases ‘Only One’ and ‘You Wanna Know’, it’s obvious that YVES have been working hard to improve themselves. Not only have their lyrics become more complex, they’re pushing themselves musically, too. They’ve managed to achieve so much in just two years as a band, and I can’t wait to see where they go with their next two years.

YVES also received an impressive reaction in the room, with people moshing and attempting to crowdsurf during closer ‘Under Your Thumb’. The crowd was rather sparse at this stage of the evening, so it wasn’t as effective as it could have been, but the response points towards great things for YVES in the future. They’re headlining The Vic in Swindon on July 8th: if you find yourself in the area, I highly suggest you get down.


Get Someone
Only One
When the Day Comes
All In Vain
You Wanna Know
Want It All
Under Your Thumb

INHEAVEN chose Swindon for their Glastonbury warm-up show because it’s bassist Chloe Howl’s hometown, and this venue was the perfect fit. Decorating the stage with hundreds of roses, there were bundles at the back of the stage and wound around the microphone stands. I’m sure that choice of design will have helped them stand out from the crowd at the legendary festival.

The room was packed, despite the show being held on a humid Thursday. Their psychedelic intro belied a softer sound than the band delivered, and by the time they segued into ‘Bitter Town’ the pace had picked up dramatically. As soon as the crowd started dancing they refused to stop, and though it was surprising when the room erupted into action, the band deserved the raucous reaction that they received.

As Chloe’s from Swindon, she took a moment to reminisce during their set. Chloe shared the venue was one of the first she played, and where she attended her ever first gig. Undoubtedly, that had an impact on her. In response, the crowd started chanting for the Furnace, confusing vocalist James Taylor. “The Furnace?” he asked. “It was called the FURNACE?!”. Having been reopened as Level III back in 2014, the majority of people in the room must have loved the venue in its old guise.

I wasn’t very familiar with INHEAVEN before this show. I didn’t know that Chloe also acted as co-vocalist until she stepped up to the mic during ‘Vultures’. Her vocal beautifully complements James’, whose rock ‘n’ roll tone brings a classic vibe to the proceedings. If you’re a fan of older rock bands like The Who, you’ll definitely dig INHEAVEN’s style.

Introducing their penultimate song, James thanked the crowd for their enthusiastic reception. He said that it was their first gig in Swindon, but “it won’t be our last, I’m sure!”. Based off of the roar that elicited, the band definitely impressed, but only time will tell if they’ll return. Their self-titled debut album is hitting the shelves on September 1st, and I can see INHEAVEN playing much larger venues than this very soon.


Bitter Town
Stupid Things
Baby’s Alright
All There Is
Meat Somebody
World on Fire