TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten contemporaries recently added to my TBR

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Summer is the time for contemporaries. The beautiful covers and the cheesy stories… Ahh, heaven. I also enjoy reading hard-hitting contemporaries in summer: there’s something about good weather that makes it easier to read difficult stories. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, so it’s often very risky for me to pick up heart-wrenching books later in the year!

This week, I’m showcasing the ten contemporaries I’ve added to my TBR most recently. All of these titles are recent discoveries, whether they’re upcoming releases or resurfacing recommendations. There’s no chance I’ll be reading them this summer, but maybe I’ll try them at some point in the next ten years…

10) ‘How It Feels to Fly’ by Kathryn Holmes

How It Feels To Fly cover

I was attracted to ‘How It Feels to Fly’ because of its beautiful cover. There’s something about beautiful bunches of balloons that makes my heart happy. It’s not as bright as it seems, though: the protagonist is a ballerina who’s struggling with her weight.

9) ‘Damage’ by Eve Ainsworth

Damage cover

I’ve been procrastinating picking up a copy of ‘Damage’. I know it’s going to tear my heart out and trample all over it. Gabi’s outwardly confident, but she can’t move past a traumatic incident in her past. She turns to self-harm to help her cope with it.

8) ‘Queens of Geek’ by Jen Wilde

Queens of Geek cover

Three best friends go to a convention together. There is romance. Can you think of anything that sounds more fun than this book?!

7) ‘Kids of Appetite’ by David Arnold

Kids of Appetite cover

I was sent an advanced copy of ‘Kids of Appetite’ last year, and I still haven’t read it. (Or David’s debut novel, ‘Mosquitoland’…) This fills me with so much guilt! I’m definitely going to prioritise getting both of these contemporaries read this year. ‘Kids of Appetite’ starts with a death and ends in a murder. I’m thinking it’s going to be just as good throughout all the pages in between.

6) ‘You Will Know Me’ by Megan Abbott

You Will Know Me cover

‘You Will Know Me’ is about a teenage gymnastic prodigy and a death. Reading about sports always makes me think of outside, which is why I’m hoping to read this during summer. There’s also nothing better than reading a good murder mystery while the sun beats down on you. The heat stops the shivers from running down my spine, so I don’t feel as scared!

5) ‘Moments Of Beauty’ by J.B. Heller

Moments of Beauty cover

New adult contemporaries are very hit and miss. Sometimes they’ll be absolutely amazing, but some are so repetitive it’s like reading the same book for the fourth or fifth time. ‘Moments of Truth’ sounds a little different. Not only does it have a male protagonist, he left the girl he loves years ago. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be smooth sailing for the couple!

4) ‘Dairy Queen’ by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Despite the fact that the cover is rather cheesy, people say amazing things about ‘Dairy Queen’. I hadn’t heard of it until a recommendation a couple of weeks ago, but since then I’ve seen it mentioned so much! The first part in a series of four YA contemporaries, I’m waiting until my TBR dies down a little bit before I pick this one up. I just don’t have time to start a new series right now.

3) ‘Adorkable’ by Cookie O’Gorman

Adorkable cover

I absolutely love the cover for this novel. I discovered this book on someone’s Top Ten Tuesday list a couple of weeks ago, and because it was only a couple of quid on Amazon I couldn’t resist getting myself a copy. It’s short and sounds extremely cute: the perfect read for a hot day.

2) ‘Trusting You & Other Lies’ by Nicole Willliams

Trusting You and Other Lies cover

Something about this cover reminds me of Halsey’s ‘Roman Holiday’. It makes me want to buy a bikini and dive into the local lake. That’s impossible, because our local lake is absolutely disgusting, and I can’t swim… I guess I’ll just have to read this to make up for the disappointment!

1) ‘Camp Rewind’ by Meghan O’Brien

Camp Rewind cover

‘Camp Rewind’ is an Own Voices lesbian romance. Some reviewers have shelved it as erotica, which leaves me feeling slightly apprehensive: I don’t normally read erotica! That being said, a lot of the lesbian fiction that I’ve read has left me cold… Hopefully this one will be different. It’s certainly summery: just look at that cover!

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Are you going to add any of the books I’ve recommended to your TBR, or are you already drowning in books? Are there any contemporaries you’d recommend? Leave a comment down below!

  • Barb(Boxermommyreads)

    I have a copy of You Will Know Me but I guess I thought it was a thriller. Oh well, I’m excited to read it anyway!

    • I thought that originally, but I’ve heard a few people describe it as contemporary? Maybe it crosses over! I’ll just have to read it to find out 😛

  • Destiny @ Howling Libraries

    Oooh, some great choices here!

  • Queens of Geek is so fluffy and adorable. I loved it so much! I also have Damage on my tbr and hope to read it this summer!
    Here’s my TTT.

    • I just love the cover so much. I wish my hair could be that bright <3

  • Leslie Hauser

    Hi! I loved Dairy Queen 🙂 I want to get to Adorkable!


    • I think you might have been the one who originally recommended it to me, but I’ve seen so much love for it since!

  • I agree the cover for How it Feels to Fly is great! ALso I may have to add Queen of Geeks to my TBR.

    My TTT: