TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five fandoms I’m no longer in

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I hardly participate in any fandom activity anymore, which made this list one of the easiest topics ever!

I find all fandoms exhausting at this point. There’s too much arguing, which just makes me get anxious feelings in my belly. I don’t like the way something that’s meant to be enjoyable becomes a competition. I find the fans in these five fandoms some of the most difficult, though, which is why I’ve chosen these.

I’ve had to choose mostly TV fandoms, because I don’t read many fandom-involved books. Maybe one day I’ll catch up on Throne of Glass and get the hype…

5) Shadowhunters

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There are a lot of reasons I’m no longer in the Shadowhunters fandom.

  1. There are too many books.
  2. Those books are too long.
  3. The TV show is cringey as heck.
  4. The movie was godawful.
  5. The fans are INSANE.

All of the shipping terrifies me. You ship the wrong couple, YOU DIE. Or at least get a hell of a lot of hate on Twitter…

4) The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries finished a couple of months ago, and I still can’t be bothered to catch up. It’s so unnecessarily long. They should have finished it when Nina Dobrev decided she wanted to leave, back when it was still vaguely interesting, but of course not.

I also have problems with the ships on this show. Elena and Damon are ENDGAME for me. Always were, always will be. But darn, the Stelena shippers are terrifying.

3) The Big Bang Theory

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I don’t even know if there is a fandom for The Big Bang Theory, but I know I’m not in it anymore. At one point I absolutely adored this show, but now it’s just irritating. I don’t find it funny anymore, and it doesn’t really withstand rewatching. Once you’ve seen an episode, it’s hard to enjoy it the second time around.

I know there must still be huge fans out there, especially with the recent start of the Young Sheldon spin-off. I’m just not one of them anymore.

2) American Horror Story

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Yeah, I’m shocked at myself too. American Horror Story used to be my most favourite TV show EVER. I was a huge fan, and loved reading the theories that fans created to link all of the series. Something about the disjointed nature of the franchise has lost my attention, though. I haven’t watched a single episode of Roanoke, and I have no intention of catching up.

Maybe when they start actively linking in some of the older series again, I’ll find myself more interested. Until that point, I’m out.

1) Supernatural

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There can be too much of a good thing. The first five or six seasons of Supernatural were AMAZING. I was obsessed with every moment, binge-watching and refusing to eat or sleep in favour of another episode. I caught up with almost eight years worth of the show in less than three months.

But then it just kept going, and going… And going.

I cannot comprehend how this shitshow is still getting renewed. Does anyone really like it anymore?!

Fandom frenzy:

How do you feel about fandoms? Are you an active participant, or are you scared like me?

  • I stopped watching TVD on season 4, and yeah, Delena is also end game for me. Maybe one day I’ll catch up with it. I think the first 3 seasons of SPN was the best, and after season 5 it’s just went downhill! I watched a few ep of season 8 and I like what I saw, so I’m still holding on to it.

    • I might try and catch up with SPN, because I managed to get to the 200th episode and I don’t want to have wasted all that time for nothing! It just feels like it’s never going to end.

  • I totally agree with your comments on the Shadowhunters fandom. I remember when the books were first released (as a trilogy) and then all of a sudden there is 3 more and then spin off series and then the movie and then a TV show instead and just goes on and on!

    Brianna at Listful Booking

    • I know! The fact that the world just keeps growing, with all of the novella short stories and yet another new series… It’s exhausting! I’m not good at keeping track of books that have too many characters, so they’re just a nightmare for me.

  • I never watched AHS but I agree with all the other fandoms, especially Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory!

    • I recommend the first season, because I absolutely loved it and must have watched it five or six times all the way through. The rest of them just feel meh because of how amazing the start was.