TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten authors my mum recommends

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

This week is Mother’s Day freebie week (no, UK readers, we haven’t travelled back in time – America just have it far later!) so I thought what better way to use this freebie than to team up with my mum and get her to tell us all about her favourite authors.

10) Howard Marks

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“There are so many addresses given of places in the local area, and because it’s things that genuinely happened it’s amazing to see how he got away with it!”

9) Damien Boyd

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“I like the main detective: the character, and the way he works with his team.”

8) Jay Bonansinga

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“Because The Walking Dead! Also, there’s a lot of characters they should have brought into the TV series. They’d work brilliantly.”

7) Luke Delaney

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“He can see things other people can’t. He can think as if he’s the criminal.”

6) Anthony Horowitz

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“I just absolutely love his books. They’re good for adults and they’re good for kids; they’re good for everyone!”

5) Robert Bryndza

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“The main detective makes the books. She’s female, and she won’t take shit from anyone.”

4) Rick Riordan

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“Same as Anthony Horowitz. He has a worldwide appeal.”

3) M.J. Arlidge

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“You discover a lot of back story about the female lead as the series goes on. You don’t find out a lot to start with, so you have to keep reading.”

2) Chris Carter

Chris Carter, author

“You can never work out what’s going to happen next! There are so many twists. I always think I’ve worked it out, but I’ve never been right.”

1) Kimberley Chambers

Kimberley Chambers

“I love the characters, and I love the way the story is built around the workings of the entire family – especially the Butler series.”

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Has your mum ever recommended any authors to you, and if so did you listen to her advice?