TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten characters I just didn’t click with

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

Happy Tuesday! This week, we’re talking about characters we just didn’t click with. It’s taken a long time for me to think of who to put on this list, but I think this is about right… 
10) Katrina Jaitley – ‘The Silent Treatment’
I didn’t fall in love with Melanie Surani’s novel as much as I’d been expecting to, and that might have been because I couldn’t really click with the main character. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Katrina – which is why she’s the lowest on the list – but I didn’t fall in love with her. 
9) Tris Prior – the Divergent series
This one’s a little bit of a lie, because I did click with Tris majorly in the first novel – it was just the rest of the series that my connection with her deteriorated. 
8) Alyssa Gardner – the Splintered series
Again, this one is a little bit of a lie! It took me a VERY long time to click with Alyssa – so much so that I didn’t throughout the first novel in the series, and only started really loving her character during ‘Unhinged’. I haven’t read ‘Ensnared’ yet, but I’m hoping I’ll love her just as much in the final installment. 
7) America Singer – The Selection series
I’m only half way through ‘The Elite’, but I really don’t like America. I hope this changes, but I don’t think it will… 
6) Chan – the Way Down Dark series
I thought I’d love ‘Way Down Dark’, and I did – at least, I loved the setting and the plot and the atmosphere that James Smythe created. I just didn’t click with Chan, the lead character – I’m hoping this will change when the second installment gets released.
5) Colin Singleton – ‘An Abundance of Katherines’
Colin loved Katherines. All of his girlfriends – ever – have been Katherines. So when yet another Katherine breaks his heart, he goes on a road trip and reminisces about all of the Katherines he’s ever loved. There are much too many Katherines in this novel, and Colin is annoying as heck. 
4) Elizabeth – ‘Invisibility’
I enjoyed the concept of the story, and I really liked Stephen’s invisible character, but I didn’t like Elizabeth. This meant I didn’t love the novel as much as I’d expected. 
3) Darren – ‘Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You’
I might have clicked with Darren, if he didn’t tell his entire life story in lists. Yes, it’s a “cute” “quirky” narrative choice, but it’s damn annoying and means that the entire book is as flat as a pancake that’s been run over by a truck.
2) Hazel Grace – ‘The Fault In Our Stars’
I hated Hazel Grace. I hated Augustus. I hated the whole damn novel. But especially Hazel Grace. The movie adaptation didn’t do it any favours either (notice how two of the characters I don’t click with have been portrayed by Shailene Woodley? Hmm…). I know this is the second John Green book I’ve included, but they were both so hard to enjoy. 
1) Harry Potter – the Harry Potter series
It feels like I’m mentioning Harry Potter all the time in these countdowns, but I just can’t help it! The reason I haven’t finished the series is because I didn’t click with any of the characters – or, at least, I haven’t clicked with them yet. I’m hoping that will change one day, because I really want to love these… Or just finishing them would be fine!
I hope you enjoyed this installment of Top Ten Tuesday! If there are any characters you really didn’t click with, or absolutely despised, please comment them below.
  • Colin made my list this week too. I hated him so much. I also get Alyssa. I didn't like the first book at all and have no plans to continue them. Great list 🙂

    My TTT

    • He just didn't really have any personality or characteristics, apart from loving Katherines. I'm surprised someone as boring as him managed to get as many girlfriends as he did! I would suggest carrying on with Splintered if you have some time – it does get better during the second book, much more like what I was expecting from the series in the first place.

  • I had Tris on my list this week too. I hated Hazel also (in fact my feelings towards TFIOS are much the same as yours) but I didn't have her on my list this week.
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    • I'm glad someone else doesn't like TFIOS – it's awkward to be a YA fan and not like it because everyone goes on about it all the time!

  • awww not Harry 🙂 My TTT

    • I'm trying so hard to click with him but it's just too difficult…